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Teams Outages: Microsoft Scrambles to Resolve Recurring Issues

Microsoft Teams hit by second outage in days, affecting users in North and South America. Users report issues with connectivity and message delays


has established that its collaboration platform, , has been affected by a second outage, impacting users in North and South America over the past few days. Clients using both desktop and mobile versions report issues with connectivity and delays in message transmission.

Investigation Underway

In response, Microsoft has stated, “We're investigating an issue where users may be unable to access Microsoft Teams or features within North America, Canada, and Brazil.” The tech giant has identified the problem in an incident report tagged as TM710900, which is accessible through the Microsoft 365 admin center. Customers who are experiencing these persistent problems are able to refer to this specific report for more information on the ongoing situation.

Despite these reported disruptions, the Microsoft service health page for Teams currently indicates that all systems are functional, displaying the message, “Everything is up and running.” However, users affected by the outage dispute this claim, as they continue to face challenges in using the service effectively.

User Impact and Company Response

The precise cause of the outage has not been disclosed, but the incident follows a sequence of disruptions that Microsoft Teams has experienced. The impact on users ranges from reduced productivity to communication breakdowns across corporate and organizational networks relying on the platform.

Microsoft is actively working to address the problems and restore full service to its user base. Updates on the situation are expected to be provided through official channels as the investigation progresses. Amidst these service interruptions, Microsoft Teams users are advised to monitor the admin center for the latest information and any instructions that may help mitigate the issues.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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