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Microsoft, Google, and Others Under FTC Scrutiny for AI Ventures

US probes big tech's AI deals: Google, Microsoft, others under scrutiny. Concerns: stifling innovation, unfair competition.


The Federal Trade Commission has launched an inquiry into the artificial intelligence partnerships and investments made by major . The directive requires that these entities provide data that will help the FTC understand the effects these collaborations may have on market competition within the technology sector. Among the companies ordered to participate are Microsoft, , Alphabet ('s parent company), , and AI startup Anthropic.

Understanding the Impact on Innovation and Competition

At the core of this inquiry is the concern over whether consolidation by prominent firms could potentially stifle innovation or compromise fair competition in the burgeoning AI sector. The FTC aims to dissect the intricate details of these partnerships and investments, including the competitive dynamics for AI-related inputs and resources.

FTC Chair Lina M. Khan emphasized the objective to “shed light on whether investments and partnerships pursued by dominant companies risk distorting innovation and undermining fair competition.” The insights gathered will delve into the specifics of various partnerships and investments, evaluating their competitive implications.

Scrutiny Beyond the FTC's Inquiry

While the FTC's study takes precedence, the Department of Justice is also contemplating a probe into the partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI to determine if it infringes upon antitrust regulations. On a parallel track, the UK's Competition and Markets Authority requested in December 2023 for Microsoft, OpenAI, and other stakeholders to comment on whether their close collaboration constitutes a “relevant merger situation.”

The targeted firms, including Microsoft, notable for its substantial investments in OpenAI since 2019 and its integration of OpenAI's advanced ChatGPT and AI models into its services, have a 45-day window to comply with the FTC's request, which could potentially precipitate a more extensive investigation into these AI associations.

The outcome of these inquiries could significantly influence the structure and governance of future and partnerships, directly impacting the global 's trajectory and its approach to innovation.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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