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Microsoft and European Space Agency Announce Unique Contest to Design a Spacesuit Inspired by Starfield

Starfield fans design sci-fi spacesuit for real! Partnering with ESA, Xbox opens global contest (except Russia). Submit drawings or digital art by Feb 24.


has unveiled a creative competition in partnership with the European Space Agency that allows fans to design a spacesuit inspired by the Xbox-PC sci-fi RPG Starfield, developed by Bethesda Game Studios. The contest stands open for residents in territories where Xbox is sold, excluding Russia. Enthusiasts are called upon to submit their unique designs by February 24.

Contest Guidelines and Judging Criteria

Those willing to participate can visit the official website to obtain a template for their spacesuit design or opt for an original approach. Microsoft is accepting various forms of entries, including hand-drawn submissions, 3D renders, and digital art. Contestants are instructed to send their designs as PDF, JPEG, PNG, or PPT files, with the file size not exceeding 10MB. The artworks must be static and free of any animations or video elements.

The submissions will go through an evaluation process carried out by a panel comprising marketing representatives from Microsoft, Softworks, and the European Space Agency. These designs will be assessed based on a 15-point system, although the specifics of this grading system were not detailed in the announcement.

Prize Details and Announcement of Winner

The fortunate champion of the contest will receive notification of their victory approximately by March 11, 2024, via email. The prize includes a non-functional but wearable replica of the winning spacesuit design, the crafting of which is anticipated to take around two months. Additionally, the winner will be awarded an Xbox Series X console along with special edition versions of the Xbox controller and headset.

The contest emerges as one of the more innovative promotions from Microsoft's Xbox division, creating a bridge between the digital and physical realms of gaming and space exploration. It reflects a unique collaboration between the gaming industry and a leading space agency, potentially sparking interest and inspiration across both fields.

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