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Microsoft 365 Admin Center Updates to Include Google Forms Conversion

Microsoft simplifies Google Forms migration for M365 admins, allowing bulk transfer within Admin Center.


has recently unveiled a new feature allowing administrators to migrate forms created using Google's platform directly into Microsoft Forms. This integration aims at simplifying the switch for large organizations who plan to transition to Microsoft's suite of productivity tools.

Enhanced Migration Capabilities

The established document migration tool within the Microsoft 365 admin center has been expanded to support the bulk transfer of Google forms stored on personal Google Drives. Such incorporation aims to offer a hassle-free process for companies who choose to move their form-related data storage and management to , a part of Microsoft's expanding online services portfolio.

Administrators can now seamlessly add, select, and copy existing forms from their drive, followed by setting up a target folder within Microsoft's cloud service, OneDrive. Subsequent to the selection, the transition process gets underway, shifting the Google drives content to the pre-designated OneDrive directory.

Up-to-Date Implementation and Advancements

Upon completion of the migration, administrators have the ability to analyze a summarized report or delve into a more detailed Excel document reflecting the migration outcomes. Employees within the company can subsequently navigate to the Microsoft Forms website, where they will discover all their transferred Google forms conveniently grouped under a specific label, “Migrated Forms from Google.”

The migrated forms, once shifted, may require only minor adjustments before they are ready for continued use. The introduction of this migration feature coincides with a series of innovative developments within Microsoft Forms. Notably, in September a redesign of the live presentation features went live, offering enhanced functionalities for Microsoft Forms users.

Following that, November marked the launch of a dedicated Microsoft Forms application for , providing a consistent user experience aligned with the website. Furthermore, in January, Microsoft Forms unveiled a new Practice mode, primarily targeted at assisting students in test-taking scenarios.

Microsoft has made other Admin Center changes recently, removing the ‘Relevance' field from the Choose column panel, a tool critically important to administrators managing  environments. The detection of this change was first reported by industry expert Tom Arbuthnot and has sparked concern within the Microsoft admin community. While not all tenancies experience this change, its absence could signify a shift in functionality within the platform.

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