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Google and AT&T Join Forces with Vodafone to Invest in AST SpaceMobile’s Network Vision

AST SpaceMobile, the company aiming to create the world's first space-based cellular broadband network, has secured a significant financial boost


AST SpaceMobile, known for its ambitious project to create the world's first space-based cellular network, has announced a significant financial boost totaling up to $206.5 million. Key technology and telecommunications companies, including , , and prior investor Vodafone, have formed a strategic partnership with AST SpaceMobile to propel its innovative network forward.

Class A Stock Offering

To further its financial standing, AST SpaceMobile has initiated a public offering of its Class A common stock, with projections to accrue an additional $115 million. This capital raise supports the company's strategy to extend mobile broadband to standard smartphones worldwide. Within their new partnership, Google has committed to intensive collaboration with AST SpaceMobile, focusing on integrating network connectivity with devices to improve product development, testing, and implementation.

Technological Breakthroughs and Industry Integration

AST SpaceMobile has marked a series of technological milestones throughout 2023, such as facilitating the first-ever 2G voice call from space to a smartphone and establishing initial 4G LTE and 5G voice call connections. Moreover, the company reported a successful data download at a rate of 14 Mbps. Boasting a burgeoning portfolio of 40 global mobile operators agreements, AST SpaceMobile's network promises to cater to over two billion subscribers.

In a demonstration of industry faith in AST's cellular broadband technology, Vodafone and AT&T have placed purchase orders for network equipment, anticipating the deployment of commercial services. Prior to this financing round, AT&T had already engaged with AST by leasing spectrum bands necessary for network operations.

This partnership follows a similar industry trend where T-Mobile and SpaceX have collaborated to incorporate direct-to-cell technology into the Starlink network. SpaceX has tested this new hardware, aiming to enable satellite phone calls, reaffirming the growing interest in space-based telecommunications solutions.

Vodafone Expanding Partner Reach

AST SpaceMobile's quest to connect space and Earth further strengthens with these technological collaborations and investments, signaling a transformative future for mobile connectivity across the globe. Vodafone's ongoing investment in AST SpaceMobile continues the company's recent partnerships within the

Earlier this month, the telecommunications company extended its partnership with Microsoft. The companies have forged a comprehensive 10-year strategic partnership with , signifying a major commitment to enhancing digital services and elevating customer experience. This  targets more than 300 million customers ranging from businesses to public sector entities and consumers in Europe, the UK, and Africa. Through this alliance, both corporations are set to invest in next-generation technology solutions.

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