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Meta Verified Service Questioned Amidst Catfishing Claims on Instagram

Instagram plagued by unaddressed impersonation despite user outcry. Fake accounts mimicking celebrities and influencers thrive


Meta-owned Instagram has confirmed an ongoing issue with identity impersonation, despite reports from users and appeals for intervention. Multiple cases have highlighted instances where fraudulent accounts, mimicking public figures and other individuals, remain active on the platform. An investigation by BleepingComputer reveals that these impersonators often target high-profile and appealing personalities, such as celebrities, military personnel, and influencers, in an attempt to gain credibility and followers.

Critics argue that the insufficient action from 's moderation systems allows these imposters to thrive, putting victims at risk of reputational damage and emotional distress. Known as Catfishing, the practice of online deception by impersonating someone can be devastating for victims. Discontent with Instagram's response to impersonation reports has spurred discussions about the platform's responsibility in maintaining the integrity of its user base and the protections it should offer.

The Verification Dilemma

Meta has rolled out the ‘Meta Verified' service in early 2023, which enables users to receive a verification badge on their accounts for a monthly fee. The service purports to offer “proactive account protection,” but questions arise about whether it effectively prevents impersonation. Some users report that even after obtaining verification, their legitimate accounts face threats from fake profiles and potential suspension due to mistaken identity.

The emergence of the Meta Verified service has prompted speculations amongst users; some suggest that the platform might be leveraging the rampant issue of catfishing to promote its paid verification service. The controversy brings to light the underlying concerns about platforms monetizing essential security features such as account verification and protection against impersonation.

User Advocacy and Community Safeguards

Users have taken it upon themselves to combat the issue of catfishing where platform moderation falls short. By remaining vigilant and reporting suspicious accounts, they strive to minimize instances of fraud and deception within the community. Nevertheless, users and advocacy groups are calling on Meta to enhance its technological and human review processes for identifying and removing inauthentic profiles.

As public awareness grows, the pressure mounts on Instagram to improve its moderation strategies and place more emphasis on safeguarding its users' identities. Meanwhile, the social media community continues to advocate for more transparency and accountability from platforms in dealing with online fraud and .

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