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Mark Zuckerberg Announces Meta’s Leap Towards Building AGI with Nvidia’s H100 GPUs

Meta aims to achieve AI intelligence like humans, powering their virtual world "Metaverse". Mark Zuckerberg leads the project with 350,000 Nvidia GPUs


has embarked on a groundbreaking initiative to construct artificial general intelligence (AGI). The company's CEO, , has orchestrated efforts to amass a staggering total of 350,000 Nvidia H100 GPUs to aid in developing AGI capabilities that could enhance 's interconnected virtual worlds.

AGI represents an advanced form of AI that is expected to perform cognitive functions at levels comparable, if not superior, to human capabilities. Meta's endeavor is anticipated to significantly advance areas such as reasoning, planning, coding, and memory, essential for the evolution of AI technologies.

Innovative Collaborations and Open Development

Zuckerberg emphasized through an Instagram post that Meta's Fundamental and teams are synchronizing their endeavors. These collaborative efforts aim to harness the core functionalities necessary for achieving AGI.

In contrast with some competitors in the AI industry, Meta has committed to transparently sharing their advancements, intending to openly release their AI models for community and developer utilization, thus fostering an environment of collaboration and innovation within the field.

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Enhanced Creativity and Customization

The CEO has also linked the AI and VR technologies, indicating that wearable devices, particularly smart glasses, will play a critical role in integrating AI into daily human activities. Meta has previously launched smart glasses developed in partnership with EssilorLuxottica, which feature a camera, speaker, and microphone for AI interactions.

While Meta's pursuit of AGI appears to be a colossal technological endeavor, it resonates with Zuckerberg's broader vision of interweaving AI with the Metaverse. The deployment of the GPUs, coupled with other chip varieties, is expected to culminate in computing power equivalent to that of 600,000 H100 units.

This strategic move highlights Meta's commitment to not only leading the way in virtual reality but firmly establishing itself as a vanguard in the artificial intelligence domain. The fusion of AI with VR technologies, particularly through devices like smart glasses, ushers in a new era where human interaction with AI is poised to become more intimate and immersive.

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