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How to Check Your WhatsApp Number

We show you where you can find your WhatsApp number on WhatsApp for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, and on the web.


WhatsApp offers a range of communication options including text, voice, and video calls. It´s a platform that´s become an integral part of daily communication for over 2 billion people worldwide. Despite its widespread use, many users are often unsure about the phone number associated with their WhatsApp account, especially if they are using a dual SIM device or have recently changed their number.

This guide provides easy-to-follow steps for checking your WhatsApp number across different devices, including Android, iPhone, WhatsApp Web, and WhatsApp Desktop (Windows, macOS)

How to Check Your WhatsApp Number on Android and iOS

This method is for users who access WhatsApp on mobile devices. It´s a quick way to confirm the phone number associated with your WhatsApp account, useful if you have recently changed numbers or are using multiple SIM cards.

  1. Open the menu
    For Android, tap the three dots in the top right corner. For iOS, find them in the bottom right corner.
    Android - Whatsapp - 3Dots
  2. Select “settings”
    Android - Whatsapp - 3Dots - Settings
  3. View Your WhatsApp Profile
    Your profile is at the top of the “settings” menu. Tap on it to open.
    Android - Whatsapp - 3Dots - Settings - Profile
  4. Check Your WhatsApp Number
    Your WhatsApp number is displayed under your name and profile picture.
    Android - Whatsapp - 3Dots - Settings - Profile - Phone Number

How to Change Your WhatsApp Number on Android and iOS

Follow the steps above to locate your WhatsApp number, then continue as described below to update your WhatsApp number.

  1. Find your WhatsApp number as described above and tap it
    Android - Whatsapp - 3Dots - Settings - Profile - Phone Number
  2. Click next to start the migration
    Android - Whatsapp - 3Dots - Settings - Profile - Phone Number - Next
  3. Enter your old and new phone number
    Android - Whatsapp - 3Dots - Settings - Profile - Phone Number - Next - New Number

How to Check Your WhatsApp Number on WhatsApp Web

You can also check your find your phone number on WhatsApp Web with the following simple steps.

  1. Open your WhatsApp profile
    Visit WhatsApp Web on your browser and tap your profile picture
    WhatsApp Web - Open WhatsAppProfile

  2. Find Your WhatsApp Number
    Your registered WhatsApp number is displayed at the bottom of your profile info.
    WhatsApp Web - Profile - Number

How to Check Your WhatsApp Number on WhatsApp Desktop (Windows and macOS)

For users of the WhatsApp Desktop application, these steps will help you find your registered phone number.

  1. WhatsApp Desktop and Open Your Profile
    Launch the WhatsApp application on your Windows or macOS computer and tap on your profile picture on the bottom left.
    WhatsApp Desktop - Open Profile

  2. Check Your WhatsApp Number
    Your WhatsApp number is listed under your profile details.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions about the WhatsApp Phone Number

Can I use WhatsApp with a landline number?

Yes, WhatsApp can be registered with a landline number. During verification, select the “Call me” option to receive the code via a phone call.

If I lose access to my WhatsApp number, can I still use WhatsApp?

If you can’t access the phone number with which you registered, you won’t be able to verify your account. You should change your registered number if you have access to the app.

Can I have two WhatsApp accounts with the same phone number?

No, WhatsApp only allows one account per phone number.

Is it possible to use WhatsApp without revealing my phone number to others?

Your phone number is not openly displayed, but users you chat with or those who have your number can see it. For complete privacy, consider using a secondary number.

How do I know if my WhatsApp is linked to Facebook?

WhatsApp and Facebook linking is typically for business accounts. Check your WhatsApp business settings or Facebook business suite to see the link status.

Can I access my WhatsApp account from another phone with the same number?

Yes, but you will need to verify the number on the new device, which will log you out from the old one.

How can I back up my WhatsApp chats before changing my number?

Use the “Chat Backup” feature in WhatsApp settings to back up your chats to Google Drive (Android) or iCloud (iOS) before changing your number.

Will I lose my group memberships if I change my WhatsApp number?

The “Change Number” feature within WhatsApp will migrate your groups to the new number without losing membership.

How do I know if someone has saved my WhatsApp number?

Create a broadcast message. Only contacts who have saved your number will receive this message.

How often should I check my WhatsApp number?

It´s only necessary to check if you have forgotten your number or if you suspect a change in your account details.

Will changing my WhatsApp number affect my chat history?

Changing your number using WhatsApp’s “Change Number” feature will migrate your account info, groups, and settings but won’t affect your chat history.

What should I do if my WhatsApp number is incorrect?

If the displayed number is incorrect, you may need to change your WhatsApp number using the “Change Number” feature in the app.

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