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How to Edit Whatsapp Messages after Sending

We show you how to edit and change sent WhatsApp messages, how to edit received messages before forwarding them and limitations of the editing feature.


This guide on how to edit messages will help you if you are looking to correct typos, update information, or clarify previously sent texts. Utilizing the WhatsApp message editing function is a proactive way to prevent misunderstandings or miscommunications that can arise from textual errors after sending a message.

To modify a WhatsApp chat message, be aware of the 15-minute window available after sending the message. Post-editing, recipients will notice an “edited” label adjacent to the revised text, highlighting the modification. The WhatsApp message editing feature is limited to text; photos, videos, and other media types are exempt from post-send editing.

Enhancing your WhatsApp experience, the app also facilitates the editing of received messages before forwarding them. This is achieved by copying and pasting the message into the typing box for necessary adjustments. This grants additional control over how messages are handled and shared.

Using the edit function in WhatsApp can significantly elevate your messaging accuracy and clarity. Whether it”s correcting a small mistake or updating vital information, the ability to revise WhatsApp texts ensures your communication remains on point.

How to Edit Sent Whatsapp Messages

  1. Identify the message and activate editing mode
    To change an already sent WhatsApp message, first press and hold to select it.
    Android - Whatsapp - Message
  2. Tap the menu button
    Android - Whatsapp - Message - 3dots
  3. Select “Edit”
    Android - Whatsapp - Message - 3dots - Edit
  4. Edit the WhatsApp message text
    The text of the sent message will reappear in the message bar, where you can edit it easily. To save the corrected message, tap the green button on the right side.
    Android - Whatsapp - Message - 3dots - Edit
  5. Revise the edited WhatsApp message
    The changed message text will replace the previously sent message. A note below the message will state that it was edited and provide the exact time of the change.
    Android - Whatsapp - Message - 3dots - Edit - Result

How to Edit WhatsApp Messages Before Forwarding

  1. Copy the Received Message
    To edit a received WhatsApp message before forwarding, first copy it. On , press and hold the message, then select “Copy“. On iPhone, the process is similar: long-press the message and choose “Copy“.
  2. Paste and Edit
    Navigate to the chat where you intend to send the edited message. Long-press the typing box and select “Paste”. You can now alter the text to suit your needs.
  3. Send the Edited Message
    After revising the message, press “Send“. This allows you to forward a modified version of the received message, enhancing your WhatsApp chat experience.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions about Editing WhatsApp Messages

Can I edit WhatsApp messages after the 15-minute window?

No, WhatsApp messages can only be edited within 15 minutes after sending them. After this period, the option to edit is no longer available.

Will edited WhatsApp messages show an edit history?

No, edited WhatsApp messages do not show an edit history. Recipients will see the word “edited” next to the timestamp, but the original text is not visible.

Is it possible to edit WhatsApp messages in group chats?

Yes, you can edit WhatsApp messages in group chats, following the same steps as in individual chats, within the 15-minute time limit.

Can I edit photos, videos, or other media in WhatsApp?

No, you cannot edit photos, videos, or other media types in WhatsApp once they have been sent. The editing feature is limited to text messages only.

Does editing a WhatsApp message resend it to the recipient?

No, editing a message does not resend it. The original message simply updates in the chat without sending a new notification.

Can I undo the editing of a WhatsApp message?

Once a WhatsApp message is edited, you cannot revert it to its original state. You can only edit it again within the 15-minute window.

How does editing WhatsApp messages affect quoted replies?

If a message that has been quoted in a reply is edited, the quoted text will not change. It will still show the original message as it was when quoted.

Can I edit a message that I”ve forwarded on WhatsApp?

You cannot edit a forwarded message directly. However, you can copy and paste the forwarded message into the typing box and then edit it before sending.

Will editing a WhatsApp message affect its delivery status (like seen, delivered)?

Editing a message does not affect its delivery status. The status indicators (like seen or delivered) remain based on the original message”s delivery.

If I edit a WhatsApp message, will it update for all recipients?

Yes, once you edit a message, it updates for all recipients in the chat, including in group chats.

Can I edit a WhatsApp message if the recipient is offline?

Yes, you can edit a message regardless of the recipient”s online status, as long as it”s within the 15-minute window. It will update on his side to the edited version once the recipient reconnects.

Is the message editing feature available on all devices?

The message editing feature is available on WhatsApp for Android, iOS, and Web/Desktop versions, provided you have the latest version of the app.

What happens if I edit a WhatsApp message after someone has replied to it?

If you edit a message after it has been replied to, the reply remains unchanged and will still show the original message text.

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