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Microsoft Visio Enhances Customization with New Shape Import Feature

Visio gets personalized! Import custom shapes from your device or OneDrive to infuse diagrams with unique flair. Perfect for branding or specialized symbols.


's diagramming tool, Visio, has extended its features to include the ability to import custom shapes. The feature, targeting enhanced personalization and collaboration, is now available to users subscribed to Visio Plan 2. The addition allows the importation of user-generated or third-party shapes in the form of Visio stencil files (.vssx), fundamentally altering how professionals can craft and share diagrams on the web-based platform.

User-Centric Design and Sharing Opportunities

Visio is a software that lets you make diagrams and graphics easily and professionally. You can use Visio to create different kinds of diagrams, such as flowcharts, network diagrams, org charts, and more. You can also work with others on your diagrams online or in . Visio can also show data and connect with other apps. Visio has different plans and versions that you can choose from.

Microsoft asserts that the new functionality is particularly advantageous for organizations aiming to infuse their documents with a personalized touch or corporate branding. Custom shapes are not only tailored to myriad needs but also enable the creation of more accurate and comprehensible plans by incorporating specialized symbols and designs.

For users within the same organization, sharing custom shapes is a breeze. While the use of these shapes follows the same model as existing, built-in shapes, it necessitates the sharing of accompanying stencil files. These files allow colleagues to access, utilize, and edit the custom shapes, promoting an conducive to collective productivity.

Seamless Integration and Operation

Users can effortlessly add custom shapes to their Visio documents via the Shapes pane on the Visio web platform. By clicking the Plus (+) button, selecting ‘Custom Shapes', and choosing a shape from their device or OneDrive, users can integrate these elements into their diagrams. Following the upload, the shapes are ready for use – easily drag-and-dropped into the workspace and edited as needed.

While the service is currently exclusive to those with a Visio Plan 2 license, the move underscores Microsoft's broader commitment to enhancing user experience through customizable solutions. Integration of such features in other tools, such as Windows' Snipping Tool, indicates an overall strategic direction for facilitating workspace adaptation and customization.

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