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OneNote Unveils Gesture-Based Ink Selection for Microsoft 365 Insiders

OneNote gets easier! New multi-tap gesture lets you quickly select handwritten notes & drawings (Beta Channel, Windows 10/11).


has introduced a brand-new feature to the OneNote Windows app that aims to streamline the process of selecting handwritten or drawn content. Members of the Microsoft 365 Insider program on the Beta Channel with Version 2402 (Build 17304.20000) or later now have access to the Ink Selection multi-tap gesture. This function is designed to improve the user experience by simplifying how users select ink on their pages.

Innovative Multi-Tap Gesture

The multi-tap gesture devised by Microsoft allows users to expand their selection of handwritten notes or drawings with greater ease than before. Utilizing a finger, stylus, or cursor, individuals can tap an initial area of ink they wish to select. Subsequent taps on adjacent ink expand the selection incrementally. This interaction continues until the intended content, potentially encompassing the entire page, is selected.

Microsoft provides guidance on effective usage of the Ink Selection tool. Users are encouraged to experiment with the feature to become proficient in selecting complex segments of ink efficiently.

Compatibility and Future Support

Insiders can currently experiment with this feature on both and 11 OneNote desktop apps. However, the company has clarified that this enhanced functionality is not available for the older OneNote for Windows 10 application. Reflecting on the future of OneNote, Microsoft has confirmed that updates for that earlier version will conclude in October 2025.

This recent evolution in OneNote's capabilities reflects Microsoft's ongoing commitment to improving the digital note-taking experience through intuitive features and gestures, catering to the diverse needs of modern users who often oscillate between typing and handwriting notes during their personal and professional activities.

Luke Jones
Luke Jones
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