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Microsoft and Google Collaborate to Expand Chromium Prefetch on Windows 11

Microsoft partners with Google to speed up Edge on Windows 11: New tech preloads files faster, making browser launch & navigation smoother.


has implemented improvements in its Edge browser's performance by working in collaboration with to utilize 's enhanced Application Launch Prefetch range (APLF). The expansion of the /prefetch parameter, previously set between 1-8, now reaches up to 1-16 for Windows 11 21H2 and subsequent versions.

Chrome and Edge, being the main browsers of the engine, are the initial beneficiaries of this advancement. Windows Reports initially reported on the contribution to the Chromium Project, which is detailed on the contribution page for the feature on Chromium. 

Understanding Application Launch Prefetch

The /prefetch parameter functions as an integral component of how manage process file access patterns. By assigning different values via this parameter, the system can optimize how it loads and executes applications. With the expanded range, there is improved process separation, enabling more precise optimization for tasks such as web page rendering and managing background processes. This change brings about enhanced efficiency in resource utilization and performance, propelling smoother browsing experiences for users.

Impact and Availability

The augmentation of the /prefetch range confers several benefits. Users can anticipate a noticeable enhancement in the browsers' startup time and responsiveness. Moreover, the browsers can more adeptly optimize file prefetching and access, which may lead to better overall system performance. This optimization also demonstrates a commitment to keeping browsers in sync with the latest operating system features and advances. Although Chrome and Edge are the first to integrate this update, the Application Launch Prefetch is a feature available to any application on Windows 11 and beyond.

Current observations have revealed that Microsoft has integrated the Expanded Prefetch feature into the Edge Canary build, indicating active testing and imminent official release. With this step, Microsoft solidifies its contributions to the Chromium project since adopting the engine in 2018 and strengthens its browser's standing in the competitive landscape. The collaborative approach between the two tech giants marks a significant stride in browser technology, aiming to vastly improve user experience on the latest iteration of Microsoft's operating system.

Last Updated on January 22, 2024 12:56 pm CET

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