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Microsoft’s Copilot Joins Forces with Samsung Devices for Improved Interactivity

Samsung's latest smartphones will double as high-quality webcams for Windows PCs and will integrate with Microsoft Copilot.


has improved the integration between its flagship Galaxy smartphones and Windows PCs that allows the phones to function as high-quality webcams. This feature rolls out in Samsung's latest smartphone models scheduled for release later in the year. The development promises to leverage the superior camera quality of Galaxy phones across various video conferencing services, including Teams.

Samsung official, Jonathan Gabrio, from the Connected Experience Center, highlights this advancement would “enhance a meeting on services like ” and potentially extend beyond to other similar applications.

Expanding the Copilot Ecosystem

Additionally, Samsung has announced a planned integration with Microsoft's Copilot, linking both and Windows-based Samsung systems to benefit from the feature. As of March, owners of Galaxy Book 4 and upcoming Galaxy can utilize via the ‘Link to Windows' feature to manage and automate text messaging tasks efficiently. Gabrio emphasizes that this relationship would allow users to generate messages based on their previous interactions and even send messages directly from a PC.

Leveraging High-Quality Cameras for Remote Work

Despite the apparent delay in introducing smartphone-to-webcam capabilities—an enhancement arguably more pertinent during the height of remote work necessitated by the pandemic—the current relevance continues as many individuals still engage in remote and hybrid work scenarios.

The expensive nature of high-quality webcams could see consumers turning to their smartphone's camera as a cost-effective alternative. Samsung's extension of Galaxy phone functionalities marks a significant step in the integration of mobile and computer technology, seeking to streamline user experiences across devices.

Luke Jones
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