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Microsoft Enhances Excel for iPad with PivotTable Editing Capabilities

Microsoft brings powerful data analysis to iPads with PivotTables. Users can now create, edit, and customize PivotTables directly on their tablets


has announced the introduction of PivotTable features for the iPad version of Excel. This robust tool — essential for summarizing and analyzing vast data sets within tables — has been optimized for the iPad's touch and smaller screen, allowing users to create and edit PivotTables directly from their devices. With this addition, Microsoft bridges the functionality gap between its desktop, web, and tablet versions, ensuring a consistent user experience across various platforms. PivotTables were initially brought to Excel through an integration with Power BI in 2021

Creating and Editing Made Simple

Users of Excel on the iPad can now easily insert a new PivotTable by navigating to the Insert tab and selecting the PivotTable option. Following this, selecting a data source and inserting a location is possible with a tap on the iPad's touchscreen, streamlining the process without the need for keyboard or mouse. Data fields can be adjusted by dragging them on the screen, providing an intuitive method for configuration and analysis.

The software also allows for alterations to the source data of a PivotTable by accessing the ‘Change Data Source' option. This brings up a side panel where the necessary modifications can become implemented. To further refine PivotTable details, settings can be customized through a dedicated side panel, which grants users more granular control over their data's representation.

Compatibility and Additional Features

The new feature is available to users with Excel version 2.80.1203.0 or higher on iPad. Alongside the updates to Excel's iPad application, Microsoft has integrated functionality that supports exporting tables from its Loop app into Excel . Moreover, the Updates app within Microsoft Teams now includes capabilities to transfer update submissions into Excel, enabling users to format them within spreadsheets efficiently.

The update enhances the versatility of Excel for iPad users by delivering a significant component of the desktop experience to the tablet. Advanced data analysis is now more accessible for professionals on the go, marking an important step in Microsoft's commitment to cross-platform service improvements for its user base.

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