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Microsoft Edge 121 Beta Introduces Long-Awaited AVIF Image Format Support

Edge 121 Beta catches up with rivals, finally supporting AVIF images for better web visuals with smaller file sizes. This puts Edge on par with Chrome, Safari, and Firefox


has at last rolled out support for the AVIF image format in the Beta release of its Edge 121 browser. With this update, Microsoft Edge is set to join the ranks of other major browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, which have already adopted the advanced image format.

Closing the Gap With Browsers

The introduction of AVIF image support in marks a significant step for the browser, aligning it with other industry leaders. Google Chrome first implemented AVIF compatibility back in 2020 with its 85th version. Mozilla Firefox followed suit in October 2021, and 's Safari adopted the format in September 2023 with the rollout of iOS 16, iPadOS 16, and Ventura.

Microsoft's decision to incorporate AVIF support comes as part of an ongoing effort to modernize Edge and maintain competitive parity. AVIF, which stands for AV1 Image File Format, leverages the cutting-edge AV1 video codec within the HEIF container format. Developed by the Alliance for Open Media, AVIF aims to provide a superior compression algorithm that allows for higher quality images at reduced file sizes. Essentially, AVIF images require less storage and are capable of displaying more detail with fewer compression artifacts than traditional formats such as JPEG.

The Edge 121 Beta's new feature can currently be tested by downloading the version from Microsoft's official website. A quick visit to an AVIF test site can confirm the presence or absence of browser support. If AVIF is not supported, the site automatically provides images in JPEG format instead.

Upcoming Stable Release and Other Enhancements

With and 11 already facilitating AVIF file support since the 1903 version (released in early 2019), users of the Microsoft will find increased utility with the browser update. Edge 121's Beta testing phase is expected to culminate in a Stable Channel release scheduled for the week of January 25, 2023.

The forthcoming version will also see updates to its user experience. Notably, update processes are getting a revamp and will transition from browser settings to the “Browser Essentials” section visible within the sidebar. Edge developers at Microsoft advocate that this change shall enhance update discovery and facilitate easier access for users.

To provide further detail on the AVIF image format, it is vital to recognize its potential impact on internet media sharing and storage. With increasing demand for high-definition visuals on the web, traditional image formats have occasionally fallen short in delivering quality without substantial file size penalties. AVIF promises to reconcile this issue by bringing efficiency to both image quality and storage demands. The adoption by major signifies an industry-wide shift toward this modern and efficient image standard, which also fosters enhanced web performance and lower bandwidth costs.

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