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Microsoft Excel Becomes a Gaming Platform with User-Created Tetris Game

Gamer hacks Excel, builds playable Tetris! Forget spreadsheets, get ready for falling blocks.


A Reddit user known by the pseudonym MehmetSalihKoten has developed a fully playable version of the iconic game Tetris inside Microsoft Excel, the widely-used spreadsheet program. While not the first instance of a game being integrated into Excel, this creation stands out for replicating the Tetris experience within an application traditionally reserved for data management and analysis.

Tetris in Excel: How It Works

The Excel-based Tetris game is structured with a familiar gameplay interface, alongside a scoreboard to track players' progress. Unlike its traditional counterpart, this iteration of Tetris does not yet feature color-coded blocks but does include a next block preview window. Gamers can interact with the game, although currently, it requires clicking on the screen over traditional keyboard controls such as WASD or arrow keys for maneuvering the Tetriminos.

The developer has not shared the technicalities involved in creating the game, which adds a layer of mystery to the innovation. Enthusiasts of both gaming and spreadsheet manipulation are eagerly waiting to explore the technical intricacies of this version of Tetris.

Gaming within the Grids of Excel

The novelty of gaming in Excel is not entirely new. The program has seen various adaptations of games over the years, from a rendition of Doom to simpler puzzles and even versions of Minesweeper. Other titles like Angry Birds and Pokemon have also found their way into the spreadsheet environment, showcasing the versatility and potential for Excel beyond its intended business applications.

This development exemplifies the creativity and skills of Excel users. While the game is currently limited in control methodology, its presence in the office program offers a fun and engaging diversion to counter workplace monotony. As gamers and office workers alike await potential updates to the Excel version of Tetris, which might incorporate color blocks and more intuitive controls, the iconic puzzle game continues to prove its adaptability and timeless appeal.

The integration of games into suggests a merging of work and play that could shape future productivity software design. As the boundary between applications designed for specific purposes becomes increasingly blurred, users might soon find their everyday software equipped with hidden layers of entertainment.

The Excel Gaming Phenomenon

MehmetSalihKoten's creation contributes to a growing catalog of games available in Excel. While some might view the introduction of gaming elements in productivity software as a mere curiosity or gimmick, others perceive it as a testament to the evolving nature of user interaction with software. Indeed, for developers and users alike, this intertwining of gaming and typical office utilities exhibits the vast potential of customization and personalization in software, potentially signaling new trends in user engagement and .

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