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Meta Targets Misinformation on Threads with Upcoming Fact-Check Program

Meta brings fact-checking to Threads app, aligning with Facebook and Instagram. Users can control content visibility based on ratings.


Meta has unveiled plans to introduce a fact-checking program for its Threads app. Adam Mosseri, head of Instagram, indicated that the effort aims to moderate user-generated content more effectively by aligning with the fact-checking processes already established on Facebook and Instagram. Meta's initiative is part of a larger push to curtail the spread of misinformation across its platforms.

Integration with Existing Fact-Checking Infrastructure

The program is designed to extend current fact-checking capabilities to . Content flagged on or as false by fact-checkers will see their ratings correspondingly applied to Threads. This will fill a gap where Threads previously lacked direct fact-checking support. “Our goal is for fact-checking partners to have the ability to review and rate misinformation on the app,” Mosseri articulated in his post.

Threads is a text-based social networking app that was launched by Meta in early July 2023. The app is a companion app for Instagram, which means that users need to log in with their  credentials and can share their posts to their Instagram stories. Threads allows users to create and join conversations across Meta's platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

User Control and Content Moderation

In addition to the fact-checking integration, the new program will allow Threads users to adjust their personal feed settings to filter content based on fact-check ratings. Meta has indicated that users will have the option to increase, decrease, or maintain the visibility of fact-checked content. Furthermore, if a user opts for reduced exposure to sensitive content on Instagram, those preferences will automatically carry over to their Threads experience.

Under the backdrop of upcoming presidential elections, the urgency for platforms to erect robust defenses against misinformation is increasingly paramount. Meta's move to bolster its fact-checking framework on Threads represents an acknowledgment of the platform's responsibility in information dissemination.

Previously, Meta has taken steps to mitigate misinformation by blocking search terms linked to false content on its networks. While these efforts suggest a commitment to factual integrity, Mosseri says that Threads does not currently aim to amplify news content on its platform.

The announcement indicates a proactive stance by Meta to address possible vulnerabilities before misinformation can gain traction on Threads, particularly as political campaigning intensifies. The new fact-checking system is anticipated to go live early in the upcoming year, with a precise date yet to be announced.

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