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Bing Image Creator Plans Integration with OneDrive for Longer Artwork Preservation

Microsoft extended Bing Image Creator's art storage to 90 days, responding to user demand. Integration with OneDrive is under consideration for long-term storage.


is working on improving the duration for artworks created through Bing Image Creator, a tool integrated within Bing Chat which allows users to generate images from text descriptions. When launched, the service offered a storage period that allowed users to access generated images on Microsoft's servers for a limited time.

Responding to an inquiry over the weekend, Mikhail Parakhin, Microsoft's chief of Advertising and Web Services, conveyed that the current duration set for these images is 50 days. Parakhin emphasized the company's efforts to push this limit to 90 days, citing storage costs as the primary reason for not retaining the images indefinitely.

Future Integration with OneDrive

During the online discussion, the suggestion for integrating with OneDrive, Microsoft's file storage service, surfaced as a viable option for users desiring longer preservation of their artwork. Parakhin acknowledged the idea's merit, noting that such integration aligns with users' interests and stating a follow-up with the development team would occur.

The potential collaboration may enable users to automatically save images generated by 's image tool directly into their OneDrive accounts, drawing a parallel to the way images taken on can be stored.

Introduces Competing Generator

In light of Microsoft's updates, it is notable that Google launched its own AI-based art generation service within its experimental Search Generative Experience (SGE) in October. The introduction of Google's service signifies growing competition in the AI-generated artwork domain, which is rapidly evolving as tech giants like Google and Microsoft leverage AI technologies to create groundbreaking user experiences.

Although Bing's Image Creator initially took the lead by incorporating OpenAI's DALL-E 3 model, Google's entry into this space suggests a competitive landscape where both companies seek to offer unique value propositions to their users through innovative applications of AI in art creation.

Luke Jones
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