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Meta Launches ‘Imagine with Meta,’ an AI-Powered Image Generator

Meta unveils AI image generator "Imagine with Meta", lets you build images with friends in "Reimagine", and adds invisible watermarks for accountability.


Meta has unveiled ‘Imagine with Meta,' a cutting-edge web-based AI image generator designed to transform textual prompts into vivid high-resolution images. In line with offerings from competitors such as DALL-E and Midjourney, ‘Imagine with Meta' utilizes the power of the Emu image generation diffusion model to provide users with creative visual representations generated from text descriptions. The service, currently available at no cost to users within the United States, permits the crafting of up to four unique images in response to each prompt.

Enhancing Interactions with Reimagine and AI Assistants

In an innovative step to enrich social interactions, Meta introduces the ‘Reimagine' feature for platforms such as Instagram and Messenger. This feature enhances group chats by enabling friends to collaboratively build upon images in real-time. When one participant uses the text prompt to generate an image, others can augment it by pressing and holding the visual and submitting their own textual alterations. Additionally, Meta announces that AI characters, modeled after well-known celebrities, will be fully integrated into communication tools like WhatsApp, Messenger, and within the US, further bridging the gap between AI technology and user interactions.

Towards Responsible AI with Invisible Watermarks

Meta acknowledges controversies surrounding racial biases in some of its and is taking measurable steps to promote accountability. By implementing invisible watermarks detectable exclusively through an AI model, Meta ensures increased content transparency for the creations made with ‘Imagine with Meta.' These watermarks, though not discernible by human eyes, establish a traceability mechanism that helps maintain the integrity of the generated images.

Furthermore, Meta is integrating Reels directly into chat interactions, providing an engaging visual dimension to conversations. For instance, during trip planning, users can receive AI-curated recommendations on destinations like Tokyo, accompanied by Reels that exhibit notable attractions.

In parallel to these advancements in AI-based imagery, Meta announces significant improvements to its AI assistant, aiming to deliver a more personalized and efficient experience across its social platforms. With these developments, Meta signifies its commitment to fostering innovation and user engagement through AI, while also emphasizing the importance of ethical AI practices.

Growing Market for AI Image Generators

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