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Microsoft’s Phone Link App Could Gain Webcam Feature via Android Devices

Microsoft's Phone Link app may soon let you use your Android phone as a webcam for Windows PCs.


's Phone Link application, formerly known as Your Phone, has undergone continuous expansions since its debut. An APK teardown of the ‘Link to Windows' companion app has unveiled code strings suggestive of forthcoming capabilities, where an Android phone could function as a webcam for Windows PCs.

However, Microsoft has not confirmed the active development or implementation of such a feature. arrived three years ago as a bridging application that lets users view and use their smartphone on their Windows desktop. Since then, a stream of improvements have made the integration of Android on Windows more seamless.

Potential Webcam Integration

Analysis of the ‘Link to Windows' app suggests that users might soon be able to initiate a camera stream, rendering their phone's camera accessible to their Windows PC. The extracted code is indicative of functionality not yet officially announced, which could transform video calling experiences by integrating a smartphone camera with a Windows desktop environment.

While the term “webcam” explicitly isn't utilized within the strings, the inferences drawn hint at a correlation to video call applications. This progression could reflect Microsoft's effort to enhance user flexibility and enrich communication platforms through cross-device compatibility.

Video Enhancement and Compatibility Questions

Additional details uncovered in the code strings hint at possibilities for users to apply certain effects to the video stream, although the scope of these effects are not described in the report. Speculation suggests that the support for the new feature could be limited to smartphones with ‘Link to Windows' as a pre-installed system application.

It's important to emphasize that dissecting APK code doesn't guarantee the realization of such features; it only presents a trajectory of potential enhancements. Up until now, there have been no official statements from Microsoft ascertaining these updates to the app.


Luke Jones
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