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Samsung Internet Browser Debuts on Windows PCs via Microsoft Store

Samsung has released its Samsung Internet browser for Windows PC. The browser is available for free on the Microsoft Store


has launched its Samsung Internet browser on desktop, making it available for Windows PC users through the Microsoft Store. The browser, previously exclusive to Samsung's mobile devices like the Galaxy series, offers a streamlined web browsing experience outside of 's Chrome ecosystem. Users can now download the browser at no cost from the app store on their Windows device.

Features and Familiarity

Samsung Internet on Windows PC maintains a layout that users might find familiar, closely resembling Google Chrome's design. It includes features such as a bookmark and address bar at the top, with a side panel for bookmarks reminiscent of Chrome's interface. Extensions, account options, and settings are similarly arranged, providing users with an intuitive user experience. The browser also incorporates tab grouping tools, a feature found in the latest versions of .

Transitioning to the Desktop Experience

Samsung Internet's introduction to the desktop marks Samsung's foray into a market dominated by established players such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. While the browser preserves the clean and simple user interface from its mobile counterpart, Samsung Internet aims to offer an alternative that could appeal to users seeking a faster and more efficient browsing experience. To fully integrate with a Samsung account, an additional download is required, a step some may find slightly cumbersome, but ultimately functional.

The move also raised some eyebrows as a Chrome screenshot was initially used on the browser's Store page, leading to speculation about the originality of Samsung Internet's desktop version. Nonetheless, with often sharing similar visuals, Samsung Internet presents itself as a distinguishable contender.

The availability of Samsung Internet for Windows PC reinforces the narrative that the distinctions between mobile and desktop software environments are increasingly blurring. Samsung's decision to bring its browser to a broader audience marks a strategic push to extend its software ecosystem beyond mobile devices. Users interested in a Chrome alternative can leverage Samsung's browser to experience the web in a potentially new and streamlined way.

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