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OpenAI Restructures Board as Sam Altman Returns, Excludes Major Investors like Microsoft

OpenAI has revamped its board, choosing independence from its largest investors, including Microsoft and Thrive Capital.


OpenAI has overhauled its board of directors, opting to maintain an independent governance structure without the presence of its largest investors. According to Reuters, the company has chosen not to offer board seats to significant backers such as , Thrive Capital, and Khosla Ventures, even though they have collectively invested billions of dollars into the artificial intelligence research firm.

Focus on AI Mission and Safety

The newly reformed board includes high-profile individuals like former US Treasury Secretary Larry Summers, and former Salesforce co-CEO Bret Taylor, along with Quora founder Adam D'Angelo. Following controversies that led to the ousting of CEO Sam Altman, his return was announced last week, signaling a continued commitment to 's foundational mission to develop AI in a manner that maximizes societal benefits rather than concentrating on investor profit maximization.

Researchers within OpenAI have reportedly raised alarms about the powerful capabilities and inherent dangers linked to their advanced AI systems. While specific safety concerns have not been disclosed, reports of the Q* model reaching general intelligence has put the emphasis on AI safety as a primary objective of the organization.

Investor Relations and Strategic Outlook

Despite not having direct representation on the board, investors are keen to influence OpenAI's strategic trajectory, especially Microsoft—which has invested over $10 billion and remains the principal financial backer of OpenAI. Microsoft CEO has voiced a desire for governance changes, reflecting the company's interest in shaping its partnership with OpenAI. Furthermore, the integration of several OpenAI staff into Microsoft's newly formed AI team indicates a deepening of the relationship between the two entities.

OpenAI's non-profit and for-profit dual structure might face scrutiny, given the lack of direct commercial stakeholder representation on the board. While some analysts critique the board's decision as myopic, OpenAI maintains its direction, prioritizing its mission over potential investor discontent. A Microsoft spokesperson stated the company is awaiting an official announcement regarding the board changes, suggesting a measured response to the recent developments.

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