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Microsoft Edge Screenshot Tool Upgraded with New Features

Microsoft Edge has revamped its Web Capture tool, now named Screenshot, with improved editing capabilities and an expanded role for the Edge Image Viewer


has revamped its Web Capture tool within the Edge browser, now aptly renamed ‘Screenshot'. The latest update to Edge Canary introduces a host of new features aimed at improving user productivity and ease of use when capturing and editing of web pages.

Editing Capabilities Expanded

The Screenshot tool, originally designed for capturing images of web pages, has undergone significant improvements. Users can still take full-page screenshots, including those requiring scrolling. However, the updated feature now allows for immediate editing, letting users add comments and draw directly on their captures. While Microsoft has retained the familiar Ctrl+Shift+S keyboard shortcut for the feature, the updated interface simplifies access to editing options. After capturing a screenshot, a window now appears prompting users to edit — a functionality that veers towards a standalone editing tool.

Edge Image Viewer to Potentially Replace Default Photo App

In tandem with improving the Screenshot tool, Microsoft is also focusing on the Edge browser's image viewing and editing capabilities. The built-in Edge Image Editor, which activates when users right-click on an image to select ‘Edit image,' includes options for cropping, brightness and exposure adjustments, filtering, and markup with hand-written text. Moreover, now sports a built-in Image Viewer that initiates when users drag and drop images into the browser. A potential new change might position the Edge Image Viewer as the default photo viewer on users' systems, subject to testing and user feedback on Edge Canary.

As part of this ongoing enhancement, the Edge Image Editor is set to receive AI-powered features to further augment photo editing, such as background blur effects. Users interested in testing and providing input on these new capabilities are encouraged to activate the Edge Image Viewer flag within the Edge Canary version's experimental settings via edge://flags.

Engagement and Feedback Encouraged

Microsoft's iterative approach indicates a commitment to refining Edge's toolkit to better serve the needs of its user base. The company is soliciting feedback from users engaging with the new features to inform future improvements. While the more advanced capabilities like AI-powered editing are still under development, Microsoft's direction points towards a web browser experience that goes beyond navigation, encompassing extensive content creation and editing functionalities.

Updates to the Screenshot tool and the possibility of the Edge Image Viewer becoming the default photo application represent steps by Microsoft to integrate more productivity tools directly into the Edge browser. Users and tech enthusiasts are encouraged to trial these features and engage with the development process by sharing their experiences and insights directly with Microsoft.

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