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Microsoft Edge Integrates Bing Chat Plugins for Enhanced User Experience

Microsoft has introduced Bing Chat Plugins for its Edge browser sidebar, enabling seamless integration of third-party services


has rolled out a new feature for its Edge browser, enabling users to install Bing Chat Plugins. These plugins have gone live in the browser's sidebar via the Unified Store, first introduced in Edge Canary. Originally announced at the Build 2023 event, these plugins mark a significant expansion of Edge's capabilities, integrating various third-party services like Shop, KAYAK, Klarna Shopping, Wolfram, Zillow, Redfin, OpenTable, InstaCart, and Wolfram Alpha directly into the Edge browsing experience.

Seamless Installation of Chat Plugins

Installing – which has recently been rebranded as Copilot,¬† Plugins is now an intuitive process thanks to the Unified Store. Users can quickly add these plugins from the sidebar by selecting the customize option, represented by a plus sign, or by navigating directly to the store using the edge://hub-app-store/¬†address in the Edge browser. While the “Try now” feature for each plugin is currently inactive, signaling that they are not fully ready to use, anticipation grows as their presence indicates they may soon be available for broader consumption.

Copilot and Bing Search Plugin

The integration of into , powered by Bing Chat, has brought a new dimension to browsing activities. The plugin comes enabled by default in the Edge Sidebar, underscoring the potential of Copilot's use for a variety of online tasks such as finding restaurant reservations and booking flights. Although the full use of installed plugins remains on standby, users can interact with the Bing Search Plugin, enabling or disabling it to control how Copilot conducts searches and handles new topics.

This advancement in Microsoft Edge is expected to make the search process more dynamic and user-centric. The addition of Chat Plugins aims to enhance the overall browsing experience, streamlining tasks and potentially leading to increased productivity for users. The exact timeline for when all plugins will be activated and ready for general use is not disclosed. Still, the move is perceived as an indication of Microsoft's ongoing commitment to providing robust, AI-integrated browser services amidst the competitive landscape featuring other tech giants.

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