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Windows 11 Adheres to EU Regulations with New Release Preview Build

Microsoft's latest Windows 11 release (KB5032288) brings significant changes to comply with EU's Digital Market Act (DMA), enhancing stability, security, and performance.


has incorporated a set of changes into its latest release to align with the European Union's Digital Market Act (DMA). The company has deployed these amendments in its most recent Release Preview Builds 22621.2787 and 22631.2787, identified by the update KB5032288. The European Union's DMA aims to ensure fair competition and innovation among tech companies, and Microsoft's move demonstrates their commitment to adhere to these regulatory measures.

Broad Spectrum of Refinements

The adjustments made by Microsoft are extensive, with the company publicizing a substantial list of enhancements and bug fixes present in the updated build. This release stands out not only for its compliance aspects but also for the substantial improvements it brings to the Windows 11 operating system. Users can expect a more stable, efficient, and compliant computing experience as a result of these updates.

Notably, the essence of the update includes improvements in system stability and security, which are crucial for maintaining user trust. Additionally, the performance upgrades included in the update are designed to streamline the user experience, allowing for smoother operation and quicker responses from the system.

Under the DMA, which came into force in September, the EU mandated that 22 services from six leading tech firms, including and Microsoft, must abide by new rules intended to level the playing field. These rules, for instance, stipulate that messaging services must be interoperable with their counterparts from other companies and that users have the liberty to pre-install whatever applications they prefer on their devices.

Companies had until November 16 to lodge appeals with the General Court in Luxembourg. As I reported earlier this week, Microsoft and Google decided not to appeal. That meant Microsoft needed to become complaint with the act, making this an essential one. 

The EU has launched a legislative initiative called the DMA to tackle the issues of market dominance and unfair practices in the tech sector. The DMA aims to create a fair and competitive digital environment for all enterprises by monitoring the activities of powerful tech platforms. These platforms are known as “gatekeepers” in the law, because they have a huge influence on the EU's internal market and act as intermediaries for millions of users and businesses.

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