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Ignite 2023: Microsoft Unveils Copilot for Service to Enhance Customer Support

Microsoft introduces Copilot for Service, an AI-powered tool that streamlines customer support by automating tasks, providing relevant answers, and integrating with existing systems.


has unveiled Copilot for Service, an advanced addition to its suite of services during the Microsoft Ignite 2023 developer event. Developed to assist customer service agents, the new tool aims to accelerate various aspects of customer support.

Enhanced Productivity through AI

Copilot for Service is designed to fast-track agent onboarding and improve case resolutions. It boosts efficiency by automating routine tasks, allowing customer service representatives to concentrate on more complex customer interactions. Integrated into preferred desktop environments or deployed within Microsoft Teams, agents interact with through natural language inquiries. The AI draws on existing contact center knowledge bases to deliver relevant answers and suggestions, thereby promoting agent productivity and customer satisfaction.

Additionally, the tool supports integration with Copilot for Microsoft 365, which enables agents to utilize applications such as Outlook and Teams more effectively when assisting customers. The AI can provide summaries of meetings in Teams, helping agents better serve client needs. Extending its utility, Copilot for Service can integrate CRM data directly into Outlook, streamlining email communication and summarization processes. It simplifies CRM-related tasks like scheduling meetings and setting follow-up reminders, potentially suggesting new tasks or providing updates to customer service knowledge databases.

Automated Workflow and Broad Connectivity

The newly announced Copilot Studio complements the core functions of Copilot for Service by enabling the creation of new topics and the automation of agent workflows. Such features are anticipated to heighten the efficiency of customer service processes further. For ease of integration, Microsoft has equipped Copilot for Service with over 1,000 prebuilt connectors, facilitating the AI product's deployment within a company's existing systems.

Microsoft plans to release a public preview of Copilot for Service in December, with the full launch projected for the first quarter of 2024. The pricing model disclosed reflects the service's premium positioning, with a monthly subscription fee of $50 per user. Companies preparing to leverage the AI enhancements in their customer support teams will need to assess the value proposition of this significant investment.

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