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Microsoft Edge Web Browser Upgrades with AI Capabilities and Enhanced Security

Microsoft Edge Unveils New Features to Enhance Online Shopping with Copilot AI, Accessibility, and Security.


Edge has launched several features originally announced at a press event in September. Among them, the company unveiled ‘Copilot in Microsoft Shopping,' a feature aimed to redefine the online shopping experience. As stated in a blog post by Microsoft, the utility has started rolling out, suggesting an imminent wider release.

Copilot in Microsoft Shopping acts as a virtual personal shopper, fielding prompts such as “what are some gift ideas for Mother's Day?” and employing intelligent questions to refine search results, ensuring users find what they need efficiently. Although accessible via any PC browser through the Bing.com shopping site, Microsoft advocates for an optimal experience when using Edge. Plans are underway to extend the feature to mobile browsers soon.

Enhancing Product Review Accessibility

For Edge users, another significant development is the accessibility of ‘Review Summaries'. This functionality permits users to request a condensed synthesis of reviews for specific products. By clicking on the Copilot icon within the browser's sidebar and inputting their query, they receive a comprehensive overview, designed to inform their purchasing decisions without the need to sift through numerous individual reviews.

Secure Networking Through Edge

Furthermore, Microsoft has announced the general availability of the ‘Edge Secure Network', following its initial testing phase with Edge Insiders Program participants. The Edge Secure Network utilizes VPN technology to protect against unauthorized access by third parties or malicious actors, safeguarding sensitive information during online transactions, form submissions, and while browsing. This feature is instrumental in enhancing user privacy and security online.

Additionally, the company highlighted other security measures integrated into Edge. ‘Password Health' and ‘Password Monitor' are geared towards improving password security, while ‘Website Typo Detection' aims to protect users from accidentally visiting harmful sites due to misspelled URLs.

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