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Intel Set to Expand with Dedicated Military Chip Production Facilities

Intel Corp secures billions in U.S. government funding to build secure enclaves for military chip production, bolstering domestic semiconductor manufacturing


has secured a position as a primary beneficiary of the U.S. government's CHIPS Act funding. The initiative intends to strengthen domestic semiconductor production, essential for modern military equipment and reducing dependence on foreign chip technology. Intel is positioned to receive billions in government subsidies and loans under the act, which President Biden signed into law.

Secure Enclave for Military Chips

Intel's new facilities, which may be constructed on the company's Arizona campus, are expected to cost between $3 billion and $4 billion. The chipmaker's plants are set to be developed as “secure enclaves,” suggesting a distinct and separated production line for military applications. Such a dedicated line would restrict access to ensure the security of sensitive technologies and products. The sum required for these new facilities comes out of the $39 billion in manufacturing grants authorized by the CHIPS Act.

Enhanced Military Infrastructure

The aim is to furnish the U.S. military with exclusive access to advanced processors and semiconductors needed for cutting-edge weaponry and security systems. This move is also a strategic response to mitigate the risks associated with the production of crucial semiconductors in Asia, particularly Taiwan, which faces potential geopolitical threats.

Progress and Collaboration

Although detailed plans for the secure facilities have not been publicly disclosed, multiple government departments such as the Department of Commerce and the Department of Defense are engaged in negotiations with Intel. Inquiries to Intel for comments have yet to yield a response. Intel previously took a significant stride in April, delivering prototype multi-die chips commissioned by the U.S. Department of Defense.

Broader Government Technology Strategy

The CHIPS Act, with a total of $53 billion earmarked for the American chip industry, aims to reinvigorate the United States' competitive edge in semiconductor technology. Of this amount, $13.2 billion is allocated towards R&D and workforce development, with an additional $500 million dedicated to strengthening the global supply chain resilience.

Further to the specialized military-focused facilities, the Department of Commerce recently announced the creation of 31 regional tech hubs across the nation, funded initially with $500 million from the CHIPS Act, to drive innovation and job growth. Alongside, the Department of Defense has kickstarted investments with contributions like the $238 million injection into 8 Microelectronics Commons regional innovation hubs.

Intel's involvement in the CHIPS Act, the delivery of pioneering multi-die chip prototypes to the Department of Defense, and the planned construction of a secure enclave for military semiconductor production underscore its centrality in the United States' technological advances and national security enhancements.

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