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Samsung Announces Galaxy AI with Live Call Translation Feature for Seamless Multi-Language Communication

'AI Live Translate Call', an in-built feature within Samsung's phone application promises on-the-fly translation of conversations.


has announced its commitment to artificial intelligence with its new “Galaxy AI” artificial intelligence platform, poised to enhance the smartphone experience for users around the globe. It represents a convergence of on-device AI technologies developed by Samsung and cloud-based solutions stemming from partnerships within the industry.

Samsung Research just days ago unveiled Gauss, its inaugural model, during the Samsung AI Forum 2023 held in Seoul.

AI Live Translate Call: Breaking Language Barriers

In the heart of this innovation lies ‘AI Live Translate Call', an in-built feature within Samsung's phone application that promises on-the-fly of phone conversations. The company assures that the translations, both audio, and text, will be processed live on the device. This marks a significant step in Samsung's journey to make real-time communication across various languages effortless and seamless.

Integration and Future Prospects

The anticipated launch of Galaxy AI features, which is hinted to be early in the following year, suggests integration with Samsung's forthcoming Galaxy S24 smartphone series. Additionally, Samsung's new generative AI model Samsung Gauss AI, was showcased at a recent event, indicating that it may become a cornerstone of the Galaxy S24 lineup.

The Gauss system comprises three distinct modules: Samsung Gauss Language, Samsung Gauss Code, and Samsung Gauss Image, each serving specific functions aimed at optimizing efficiency and creativity within tech applications. Samsung Gauss Language serves as a generative language model with capabilities extending from writing assistance to document summarization and language translation.

These advancements position Samsung in direct competition with the likes of and , who are also investing heavily in AI-powered features for their device ecosystems.

Samsung's movement into enhanced AI support for mobile devices aligns with broader industry trends that prioritize intelligent features as key differentiators. The tech giant is set to provide users with an elevated mobile experience characterized by robust security and privacy in line with Galaxy brand standards. The push towards AI also appears in the face of emerging AI-centric hardware like Humane's AI Pin, underscoring the evolving competition in the sector.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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