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Microsoft Edge Users Gain Enhanced Multitasking with Sidebar Apps Feature

Microsoft Edge Elevates Productivity with New Sidebar Apps Catalog. Enhance your browsing experience with a curated collection of Sidebar Apps


The Microsoft Edge browser has just expanded its user experience by introducing a new catalog of Sidebar Apps in the Edge Add-ons Store. This update presents users with options to integrate their favorite apps directly into the browser’s sidebar for increased productivity and ease of access.

Multitasking Made Easier

Microsoft’s decision to allow users to personalize their sidebar comes as a direct response to the need for multitasking capabilities within a single browser tab. The Edge sidebar, until now, offered users a selection of widely-used apps like Instagram, Spotify, and Facebook. These inbuilt sidebar tools enabled users to interact with these apps without interrupting their workflow.

Adding Apps from the Add-ons Store

To incorporate additional apps into Edge’s Sidebar, users need to navigate through a straightforward process:

  • Launch the Microsoft Edge browser and visit the Edge Add-ons Store.
  • Click on the Sidebar Apps section to explore the available applications.
  • Choose an app from the “Top Sidebar Apps” or “More Sidebar Apps” sections or perform a search for a specific app.
  • Click the “Open in Sidebar” button, the chosen app will then integrate seamlessly into the sidebar.

In August 2023, Microsoft had previously made an announcement concerning its support for third-party extensions specifically designed for the Edge sidebar. Microsoft originally brought the sidebar to its browser in May. The company also provided guidance on how developers could adapt their Progressive Web Apps (PWA) to the sidebar’s minimal width, ensuring a seamless user experience.

The introduction of Sidebar Apps to the Edge Add-ons Store is expected to further refine the browsing experience for users, who can now customize their sidebars with a range of tools that cater to their individual needs. Microsoft has clearly taken steps to ensure that both their native and third-party apps can coexist in this multitasking environment, encouraging users to maintain productivity without compromising their navigation.

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