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Solid Oxide Fuel Cells to Energize New Irish Datacenter in Sustainable Shift

Ireland pioneers Europe's first fuel cell-powered datacenter, marking a transformative shift towards sustainable energy solutions for IT infrastructure.


has sealed a pivotal deal with Lumcloon Energy and SK Ecoplant, launching plans for what is poised to be Europe's first datacenter entirely energized by fuel cell technology. The facility's future site lies in Castlelost, County Westmeath, roughly 80 kilometers from Dublin.

Transformative Energy Solutions

Fuel cells are devices that generate electricity through a chemical reaction between an onboard fuel, typically hydrogen, and an oxidizer such as oxygen. Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), specifically, operate at high temperatures and are highly efficient but typically use hydrocarbon fuels like natural gas. They convert the chemical energy into electrical energy, with future prospects to shift to hydrogen as advancements allow for greener fuel sources.

The South Korean company SK Ecoplant has agreed to provide the cutting-edge fuel cells, which will be manufactured by Bloom Energy based in San Jose. Not only will SK Ecoplant supply the crucial technology, but they will also assume a comprehensive role within the construction of the datacenter, as affirmed at their head office in Seoul.

Ireland's Minister for Enterprise, Trade and Employment, Simon Coveney noted the significance of the project in addressing the escalating from the country's , known as “bit barns.” With Dublin currently hosting 77 out of the 82 Irish datacenters, the new project presents an opportunity to decentralize the industry while progressing towards sustainable energy solutions.

Datacenters and Energy Demands

Datacenters have garnered considerable attention due to their intensive electricity consumption. In fact, the demand has reached a point where it purportedly surpasses the total used by rural homes in Ireland. This has sparked debates and led a Dublin council to consider proscribing further datacenter developments.

As an alternative to the traditional electrical grid reliance, the upcoming Castlelost datacenter's use of fuel cell technology represents a transformative step towards achieving IT infrastructure that aligns with environmental goals.

While the project timeline and specifics regarding the operational capacity are not yet disclosed, this initiative marks a significant stride towards future green energy solutions in Ireland. Global tech giants like and have similarly been exploring fuel cell applications to power their datacenters, illustrating an industry-wide pivot toward more sustainable backup and primary power sources. The Castlelost project's success could indeed prove to be a benchmark for the future development of fuel cells in datacenters across Europe and beyond.

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