Leak: OpenAI May Soon Launch GPT Builder for Subscribers

ChatGPT Update: Leaked Visuals Hint at OpenAI's Custom Gizmo Chatbot Building and Enterprise-Focused Team Plan.

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New reports suggest that subscribers of ChatGPT Plus could soon enjoy the privilege of building their custom . Reports about the predicted ChatGPT update from OpenAI emerged via leaked visual material that previewed a tool known as Gizmo that is designed for the creation and oversight of chatbots.

Exploring the Leaked Update

The update which was initially speculated on by a X user known as Choi, was further illuminated by a video uploaded by Tibor Blaho, a developer involved in Search Engine Optimization instruments. The video depicted the visual interface for the update in operation, displaying a “GPT Builder” option.

This new feature allows subscribers to input a command or “prompt” to generate a chatbot. An example provided in the video instructed the chatbot to be creative and assist in developing visuals for innovative merchandise. This capability embodies advancements in and artificial intelligence offered by the GPT-4 model.

Following the inputting of the primary prompt, the creation process requires the user to opt for a default language, decide on the tone in which the chatbot communicates, and set a writing style. This level of customization could significantly improve how chatbots interact with end users and adapt to widely differing use cases.

A Step Further into Customization

Once the primary configurations are in place, additional fields in a separate configuration tab await the builder's input. Here, the user assigns a name, provides a description, and formally instructs the chatbot regarding what it is empowered to do and what actions are beyond its programmed scope.

Alongside these seemingly routine operations, builders are presented with the opportunity to upload distinct files as a tailor-made knowledge database for their chatbot, allowing it to refer to the uploaded information and make intelligent responses. On top of that, the tool provides options to enhance the chatbot with additional capabilities such as web browsing and image creation, further expanding the functionality of the chatbots. Wrapping up the creation process, the builder can also undertake testing of their creation through a preview window that appears alongside the configuration functionalities.

Enterprises Gearing Up for Team Subscriptions

A part of the rumor, yet to be confirmed, suggests that is in the process of developing a subscription plan tailored for enterprises, labeled as the “Team” plan. This plan is proposed to come in two variants: flexible and annual. The speculated features of the Team plan, as shared by Choi, include the provision of unrestricted high-speed capabilities and an extended response context that is four times the existing size. The plan seems to be priced at $25 per user per month, with a minimum of three users.