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Doom Co-Creator John Romero to Launch New Episode Sigil II in Honor of Game’s 30th Anniversary

Legendary game designer John Romero returns to his roots with Sigil II, the unofficial sixth episode of the iconic Doom, celebrating the game's 30th anniversary


John Romero, one of the trailblazers behind id Software, has announced that he is in the final stages of preparing a new episode for the highly influential game, Doom. This episode, which carries the name Sigil II, is set to be released on December 10. The release date coincides with the 30th anniversary of the original Doom, which was first launched in 1993 and changed the face of gaming forever.

Sigil II: Back to Where it All Started

John Romero is no stranger to the classic game. In fact, he created and released the inaugural Sigil episode for Doom in 1993, which was subsequently regarded as the unofficial fifth episode of this legendary game. This episode was later officially released by the current owners of id Software, Bethesda Softworks, and was made available for free. Bethesda – which is now owned by Microsoft – rolled this out as a mod for the company's Doom ports, thereby expanding its reach to consoles and mobile devices.

Building upon the legacy, the upcoming Sigil II has already been anticipated as the unofficial sixth episode of Doom. This episode comprises nine levels and also includes two exclusive levels designed only for Deathmatch – a popular multiplayer gameplay mode made famous by Doom. Furthermore, the brand new episode will be released for free, though there will be a purchasable digital edition that also offers access to two exclusive digital soundtracks, courtesy of Thorr and James Paddock.

Reviving Memories with Sigil II and More

Adding to the wave of nostalgia sweeping across Doom fans, Romero has also planned a physical edition of Sigil II. This unique edition will be contained in a custom USB flash drive, designed to resemble a shotgun shell, alongside a variety of digital and physical bonuses. Previous physical editions of Sigil II have already been snapped up, a testament to the game's enduring popularity.

In celebration of the 30th anniversary of Doom, Romero is also arranging an online chat via Twitch. This chat, set to occur on December 10, will feature an engaging discussion with John Carmack, Romero's co-founder at id Software, about the release of Doom 30 years ago. The event will be held at 8 pm GMT.

In other noteworthy news, Romero Games, Romero's current game development company, is deep in the development of a major first-person shooter project. This game is being developed using Unreal Engine. However, specific details about this upcoming project are yet to be revealed.

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