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Microsoft Enhances Outlook with Business Management Tool: Org Explorer

Microsoft Outlook is getting a major upgrade with new features that will turn it into a business management app, including an AI-powered Org Explorer


Microsoft is making swift moves to enhance its email platform, Outlook, with the introduction of various features. Primarily known as a mailing platform, the new tools will convert Outlook into a business management app as well. The company’s additions range from the integration of Microsoft Copilot to the inclusion of Loop Components to designing novel ways to categorize mail.

Microsoft disclosed, in its latest Microsoft 365 roadmap entry, that its classic Outlook will likely cease getting support by 2025. Thus, focusing on the newer version of the app, Microsoft plans to incorporate a feature called Org Explorer into the new Outlook version and Outlook for Web.

Org Explorer Promises Business Management Facilitation

The Org Explorer will allow Outlook users to visualize their companies’ infrastructure, manage work, understand individual roles, and much more. The feature aims to make Outlook a comprehensive hub for business management needs. Management individuals, for instance, CEOs, can leverage Org Explorer to obtain detailed insights about their organizations when creating reports or conducting live presentations.

Furthermore, the platform can be a useful tool for planning business projects or designing human resource campaigns as it will develop beyond just being a mailing app. These enhancements may significantly bolster Outlook’s usability and popularity.

Outlook Set to Leverage AI

In the new era of artificial intelligence, Outlook will not be left out. Plans are there for AI to join the platform soon and Org Explorer will be one of its tools. Users can leverage this integration to generate precise reports promptly. The public, however, will have to wait until November when Org Explorer will be launched on Outlook to understand completely what the new feature can do. 

In recent Outlook updates, Microsoft has been increasing the capabilities of the email app. In September, the company introduced native translation on Outlook for the web. The new built-in translation feature will let users easily translate the content of their emails, without having to use other tools or copy and paste content into translation services. Users will have the choice to automatically translate emails from certain senders or select manual translation for certain emails. 

Also in September, Outlook on the web was given Speech-to-Text dictation. The feature lets users write emails, send responses, and express the right tone, all by using voice commands. The new dictation support in Outlook Web will need users to have a microphone and a steady internet connection. If they have these, they can use this feature to create messages quickly, which could enhance time and workflow.

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