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Microsoft Copilot AI Coming to OneNote This Month, along with Digital Pen Features

Microsoft OneNote for Windows Gets a Major Update with New Drawing Tools, Text Prediction, and AI Copilot Integration.


Microsoft recently announced several improvements made to its OneNote application for Windows. The tech giant revealed a plethora of features centered on a more intuitive user interaction, targeting especially the digital pen users.

The company has incorporated several drawing improvement tools, an entirely new Draw tab, and augmented ink fidelity to make the application more user-friendly. One of the most striking modifications allows the conversion of handwriting to text as a user writes. Additional functionalities also enable users to manage and personalize the converted notes with natural actions, including selecting text with strikethroughs or eliminating text by scribbling it out.

Beyond digital pen users, the OneNote for Windows app also now has the ability to predict text. As users type words into the app, it shows the likely words that will follow to speed up note-taking. However, it should be noted that this fresh characteristic requires a Microsoft 365 subscription.

Revamping Navigation and AI Assimilation

In an effort to further enhance user navigation experience, Microsoft integrated a Vertical Tabs option in the View menu of the OneNote for Windows application. The Vertical Tabs view option has been specifically designed for frequent users of Microsoft’s Teams or Outlook, making navigation through the OneNote app considerably easier.

In addition, Microsoft also plans to incorporate a feature that permits the playing of Stream videos (from SharePoint) within the OneNote for Windows app. Lastly, Microsoft is set to implement a previously announced AI Copilot integration this month. This unique AI tool, powered specifically by prompts from the user, aids in drafting plans, organizing information, and generating creative ideas.

In OneNote, Copilot enables users to probe deeper insights from their notes. It simplifies designing plans for various events using user’s notes. The AI-powered assistant also supports users to communicate better by presenting clearer and more accurate writing.

In a shift towards focusing on the windows version, Microsoft disclosed that the Windows 10 version of the OneNote app will stop receiving updates from October 2025. With this enhancement, Microsoft is evidently nudging users towards the denser functionality of OneNote for Windows.

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Luke Jones
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