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Microsoft Teams Directly Integrates Workflows via Power Automate

The new Workflows app for Teams is built upon Microsoft Power Automate, a platform known for automating processes by connecting various applications.


Microsoft has announced that it will integrate workflow features more directly into its Teams app. The process will start with a dedicated Workflow app within Teams. The transition is made possible by Microsoft´s Power Automate-Platform, which connects different applications, both inside and outside of Microsoft 365 programs. Consequently, the entire user experience is rebranded as ‘Workflows’ across Microsoft Teams. 

Enhanced Workflow Features and Integration

The new Workflows app is built upon Microsoft Power Automate, a platform known for automating processes by connecting various applications within and outside the Microsoft 365 suite. As a result, users can now utilize the Workflows app to “discover, create, edit and manage all your workflows,” says Microsoft.

Furthermore, the Teams Store now boasts a plethora of templates in its Workflows section. These templates cater to both Microsoft programs and third-party applications, including notable names like Jira, Salesforce, and YouTube. The store’s redesigned landing page also showcases categories such as ‘Calendar’ and ‘Notifications’, ensuring users don’t miss out on the latest templates.

Teams Channels, Chats Receive New Workflow Creation Features

Advanced workflow methods have been introduced on Teams’ channel and chat list. Users are now provided with a new menu option that allows them to create and configure novel workflows from every Teams channel or chat they participate in. This feature extends to individual chats, where workflow templates can now also be found.

Microsoft is also venturing into AI-powered features for their Workflows app. A future update promises a system where users can describe the workflow they envision, and the platform, leveraging AI capabilities from Power Automate, will design a workflow complete with triggers and actions. This innovative approach aims to simplify the workflow creation process, making it more intuitive and user-friendly.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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