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Microsoft Excel Web App Introduces Improved Functions

Users can now swiftly look up a particular function or browse through categories to find what they require.


Microsoft's Excel app on the web has unveiled several new improvements, aimed at easing the process of creating and editing formulas inside the web-based spreadsheet program. One significant change called out by the official Excel blog is the introduction of the Insert Function Dialog. This addition to Excel on the web aims to offer users an easily accessible and user-friendly interface to select functions.

Users can swiftly look up a particular function or browse through categories to find what they require. Every function now comes with a detailed description and expected arguments. Additionally, users can preview an argument's value and the complete formula.

For access to this new feature, users can navigate to the Formulas tab and click on the Insert Function button. Alternatively, the feature can be accessed by clicking on the fx button on the formula bar.

Parentheses Coupling: Simplifying Formula Editing

Another innovative feature added to the web version of Excel is Parentheses Coupling. When users position their cursor within a set of parentheses, Parentheses Coupling smartly highlights the corresponding closing parenthesis. This visual indicator eases the identification of paired parentheses, allowing users to focus on the specific part of the formula they are presently editing.

Easier Evaluation and Troubleshooting of Formulas

Excel is also rolling out another enhancement known as Value Preview not only to its web app users but also to Windows users. Value Preview streamlines the evaluation and troubleshooting of formulas by presenting real-time displays of the value affiliated with any part of a formula when users hover their mouse pointer over the section or select it.

Monospaced Font for Editing Formula

Lastly, the Excel web app has incorporated support for a monospaced font for editing formulas. had earlier introduced this support for those who use the Windows version of Excel in the Insiders Beta Channel. This new support is sure to amplify the users' experience while working with the Excel app on the web.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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