Microsoft Introduces New AI-Based Features for Copilot in Dynamics 365 Customer Service

The features are designed to improve efficiency across all customer support tasks.

, 's customer service software, is becoming increasingly smart thanks to artificial intelligence. Microsoft has now rolled out three new features for the AI-powered assistant, , in Dynamics 365. These features are designed to improve efficiency across all customer support tasks, signifying a significant move to give Copilot a broader utility in the workflow.

AI-Driven Assistance in Dynamics 365's Customer Service

The first of these features allows users to ask Copilot questions, with the service aiming to provide answers by trawling through all accessible company resources as granted by administrators. Customer support agents can provide feedback on these responses and contact center managers can then update or remove sources accordingly, based on derived feedback.

Copilot Aids in Agent-Customer Conversations

Additionally, the AI assistant is also equipped to aid customer support agents in drafting email responses with the help of pre-constructed prompts such as 'empathize with feedback' or ‘request more information'. These suggested responses can further be adjusted and refined according to the agent's discretion.

Insights into Copilot's Performance via Data Metrics

To gauge Copilot's efficacy in assisting customer service representatives, Microsoft is offering data metrics and analytics that pertain specifically to Copilot. Metrics include the duration of conversations where the AI assistant was involved and the number of agent-customer exchanges that incorporated Copilot. Certainly, these key figures will provide valuable insights into how well the software is performing for the support staff.

These new features come alongside a summarization capability that was launched last month. This particular function pinpoints key information related to a case, reducing the burden of manual data sifting for agents. Instructions on how to set up and configure these Copilot features for Dynamics 365 Customer Service can be found on Microsoft's official website.

This move comes after the company's earlier commitment, the Copilot Copyright Commitment, which guaranteed that the use of Copilot services within provided guidelines would not breach any copyrighted content.