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Windows 11 Build 25977 Introduces Bluetooth Low Energy Audio Support and More

Enhance your Windows 11 experience with the latest build 25977, featuring Bluetooth LE Audio support for hearing aids, refined location permissions, and bolstered SMB over QUIC client access control.


The latest Windows 11 build 25977 is now available for download, introducing substantial improvements and tweaks. Changes range from the implementation of Bluetooth Low Energy Audio (LE Audio) to enhancements to location permissions and increased access controls for SMB over QUIC. Updates come alongside fixes for known issues reported in previous builds.

New Capabilities to Improve Accessibility

Reflecting the company’s commitment to making technology accessible, the newest build offers support for hearing aids equipped with the newest Bluetooth Low Energy Audio technology. Owners of such devices can directly pair and stream audio and take phone calls on their PCs with limited power usage, marking a significant advancement in accessibility. The feature comes with recently announced Bluetooth LE Audio support by Windows, promising additional capabilities soon. More specifics on new features will be shared as they become available.

Initially introduced at Build 2023, Bluetooth LE Audio is the next generation of wireless audio for Windows 11. Bluetooth LE Audio was created by Bluetooth Special Interest Group to deliver clear high-quality audio without consuming too much power.

Location and Privacy Enhancements

Windows is introducing more controls for managing app access to nearby Wi-Fi network lists. This move can protect users from unwanted exposure, as some applications may use this data to deduce user location. Newly integrated controls are found under the Privacy & Security section in the settings under the Location tab.

A new prompt for first-time app access to your location or Wi-Fi details aims to simplify the sharing process with trustworthy applications. The feature triggers location services enabling the app to access your location without navigating to settings. Users will receive a prompt if an unexpected app requests access, ensuring users have the option to deny access.

Boost to SMB over QUIC Client Access Control

Building on the previously established SMB over QUIC feature, the Build 25977 now integrates additional access controls for clients. The update provides administrators the power to dictate which clients can access SMB over QUIC servers. This enhancement fortifies existing security methods without altering Windows authentication or user experience. Both Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 25977 and a minimum of Windows Server Insider Preview Build 25967 within a VM instance are required to benefit from the added feature.

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