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Microsoft Unveils Radius: An All-New Open-Source Software Platform

Microsoft Radius is a new cloud tool from Azure that helps developers create, manage, and deploy apps on the cloud.


has officially announced the introduction of a new open-source software platform, Radius. This new development in Microsoft Azure Incubations aims to facilitate developers and businesses build, manage, and deploy cloud-based applications.

Radius: Enhancing Efficiency in Development Tasks

Radius presents a design to seamlessly blend into existing development chores and Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) pipelines, rather than causing any disruption. It helps developers understand the numerous components constituting their applications and handles platform configurations such as permissions, connection strings, amongst others. By simplifying these tasks, operators can verify that all applications are deployed in compliance with the organization's guidelines. They can then utilize Radius to control the application and its associated entities.

Microsoft provides an illustration of Radius' functioning with an application utilizing a Mongo database. Developers can conceive a Mongo resource within their application, which they can leverage during the development and testing stages. When they need to roll it out in production, developers can adjust their application resources, modifying only their application definition links to services like Azure CosmosDB or 's DocumentDB which have pre-configuration by operators. Simply put, the modification of the underlying infrastructure for an application in Radius eliminates the need for application code or configuration changes.

Radius' Compatibility and Future Developments

In its initial launch, Radius will be supporting Microsoft's own Azure cloud platform, along with private clouds and Amazon Web Services. Microsoft is planning to extend Radius' support to additional cloud services, such as Google Cloud, in its future releases. Microsoft has partnered with corporate giants like BlackRock, Comcast, and Millenium BCP to ascertain that Radius-managed applications would function with all cloud services.

Microsoft has also launched a Radius GitHub page providing code and documentation for developers. Furthermore, it has initiated a Discord community channel to encourage interaction and discussions amongst Radius developers about the newfound platform.

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