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Microsoft Unveils Arm Advisory Service to Support Windows Applications on Arm Processors

Microsoft unveils its Arm Advisory Service, a complimentary program empowering developers to seamlessly adapt Windows applications for Arm-powered PCs.


has revealed a new complimentary program, dubbed as “Arm Advisory Service,” designed to help Windows developers adjust their applications for Arm processor-powered PCs. Achieving “minimal effort,” the program aims at ensuring that perform seamlessly on Arm systems, be it through native porting or emulation.

An Extension of Fraternity – Microsoft Assists in Arm-Optimized App Development

Microsoft explained in a recent blog post that the Arm Advisory Service is a materialization of the company's longstanding commitment to developers. Aiding Arm-optimized for over three years, Microsoft has joined hands with developers to create guidelines, cornerstone practices, and magnify their developer support. Prior to the official announcement, the service has been instrumental in facilitating independent software vendors (ISVs) in areas like Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and more. Developers were offered resources like coding best practices, sample code, code reviews, and debugging assistance in creating anti-malware product suites on Arm.

Revolutionizing Windows App Development with Arm Advisory Service

Arm Advisory Service is poised to revolutionize Windows app development on numerous fronts. As part of the assistance, developers have access to a multidisciplinary workshop for swift resolution of queries, guidance, and inclusion of Arm platform characteristics. It also covers assistance for any hurdles encountered during the creation of native apps or porting applications to Arm. Lastly, there is access to Microsoft's engineering brain trust for insightful feedback and further aid.

Microsoft reveals that the initiative has already supported developers from diverse corporations, such as Dropbox, Cisco, HP, and Broadcom, in designing Arm-powered Windows applications. This release coincides with 's preliminary announcement of its soon-to-launch Arm-supported Snapdragon Series X processors, tailored for PCs – drawing further attention to the Arm-based world. The company is set to disclose more about these chips in its annual summit slated for October 24-26 in Maui, Hawaii.

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