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Apple October 2023 Release Could Include New iPad Mini and Updated iPad Air

Apple targeting upcoming launch of new iPads, including an iPad Mini refresh and a new iPad Air with M2 chips.


Apple is reportedly gearing up for some major product launches in October 2023, bringing significant updates to its product catalogue, according to a Weibo leaker known as “Instant Digital.” The anticipated product offerings include the seventh-generation iPad mini and updated models for the iPad Air.

Last December, I reported that Apple was eyeing a late-2023 launch for the next generation iPad Mini. It seems the company will stick to that timeline. That means users will see a spec bump over the current model, which was launched in 2021. As a refresher, the current iPad Mini has an A15 Bionic chip, 8.3-inch display, Touch ID, 5G, and USB-C. It currently costs $499 for the 64GB model.

Anticipated Upgrades and New Features

The leaked information suggests that Apple may introduce a revamped first-generation Apple Pencil that would be fitted with a USB-C connector in place of the Lightning version previously used. Notably, this follows a significant shift in Apple’s charging solutions that was compelled by stricter European Union regulations last year. The rules pressured Apple into incorporating USB-C connectors into its devices such as iPhones, tablets, and keyboards that use wired charging solutions.

Another expected upgrade is on the sixth-generation iPad Air, purported to house the M2 chip. Designed as the next-in-line successor to the venerable M1, the newer M2 version promises an elevated level of efficiency, higher processing speeds, among other enhancements.

iPad’s “Jelly Scroll” Issue Expected to be Addressed

Key among the expected modifications is the mitigating the notorious “Jelly scrolling” issue that afflicts the screen response of iPads. The problem, triggered by refresh rate mismatches, causes a perceived uncoordinated response on the display, making text and images appear titled. The company identified the challenge as a characteristic of LCD screens, which refresh information line by line thereby causing the observable delay between the top and bottom lines.

The problem is particularly pronounced when the iPad mini is used in portrait orientation and is essentially non-existent in landscape mode. “Instant Digital” has hinted Apple could address this by adjusting the screen assembly.

In addition to these improvements, the rumoured seventh-generation iPad mini could also feature the A16 Bionic chip and come with improved front camera capabilities. While the speculations are purely based on the leaked information at the moment, Apple’s user-base is eager to see the veracity of these exciting prospects unfold through this anticipated release.

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