Microsoft Releases Enhanced Stream Mobile Apps with Added Features

Microsoft Stream will now allow users to directly record and upload videos from their smartphones and tablets.


, this week, revealed its latest enhancements to the Microsoft Stream mobile applications for iOS and . A significant development is the mobile apps' capability to record and upload videos straight from users' smartphones and tablets. Introduced in 2017, is a and management service catered towards enterprises. Following an announcement in early 2022 regarding an overhaul of the app, these updates are now available to customers. 

Editing Features for Uploaded Videos

Another noteworthy update gives users the ability to edit a recorded video's attributes prior to uploading. This includes altering the description, title, and viewer permissions. Ensuring user control, Microsoft allows changes to be made regarding who is granted viewing access to the recorded video.

Additional Features and Availability

In addition to these changes, Microsoft Stream video apps will also have a range of other new features, increasing the overall utility of the service for users. The Android version of the Microsoft Stream app is now available for download on the Google Play Store, and the iOS version is accessible on Apple's App Store.

Microsoft Stream is a video service for businesses and enterprise customers. It is part of and has been free for customers since 2016. Microsoft has rebuilt Microsoft Stream from scratch for mobile users on iOS and Android. The app is in beta today and will be released fully later.