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Project Stardust: Adobes Upcoming AI Photo Editing Tool

To be unveiled at Adobe Max, Project Stardust is a photo editor that auto-detects objects and simplifies editing, thereby revolutionizing the user experience.


In an exciting development for image editing, is set to introduce a new AI-fueled tool, Project Stardust. This innovative photo editing engine, expected to be announced at the Adobe Max event scheduled for this week, boasts of the ability to automatically recognize individual objects in photos. The capability will enable users to effortlessly manipulate objects, thereby revolutionizing the phot editing experience.

The unveiling comes in response to advancements in that have seen a surge in automated design tools, similar to 's Magic Editor announced recently for its new Pixel phones.

Project Stardust's Keeps Adobe in the Lead

With Project Stardust, Adobe aims to maintain its leading role in the tech industry, particularly in terms of developing advanced editing tools. Using AI, the new tool allows for objects in a photo to be isolated, manipulated, repositioned, or removed entirely. This process would typically be performed with the intricate use of Photoshop's lasso tool, but Project Stardust makes it seamless, as if the objects were stored on a separate layer.

Furthermore, the tool includes features akin to the “Contextual Task Bar” that debuted in Photoshop earlier this year. This functionality assists with anticipating next moves in the design process, thus enabling efficient editing. The demonstration video highlights its capabilities in removing distractors and filling up the selected space with AI-generated imagery.

The Impact of Project Stardust on the Creative Industry

The upcoming tool is set to eliminate the need for the manual segregation of objects onto a new layer, thereby simplifying the editing process significantly. The Taskbar on the editing engine, which can foolproof the user's next step, also aim to facilitate a smoother user experience.

Currently, specific details about Project Stardust are sparse. However, Adobe's project manager, Aya Philémon, indicates that the teased features represent only “a fraction” of its capabilities. She further added that the new engine would “revolutionize how we interact with Adobe products”. More information about Adobe's AI releases is expected to be announced at the Adobe Max event kicking off on October 10th.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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