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Stellar Repair for MySQL – This Tool Fixes Corrupt MySQL Databases

Stellar Repair for MySQL is a fully-featured recovery and repair tool that can help you retrieve and restore corrupted MySQL databases.


MySQL is amongst the most popular database platforms for storing critical data for businesses and individuals. While it is known for its reliability, MySQL is not infallible especially as the computers running the technology can fail. Whether it is a software bug, crash, or hardware issue, there are times when databases can become corrupt.

There is no real way to mitigate against a corrupt MySQL database but you can recover and repair databases that are corrupted. Several tools provide this ability, including Stellar Repair for MySQL. And it is this software that I will be looking at in this review.

What Is Stellar Repair for MySQL

A fully-featured MySQL database repair and recovery suite, Stellar Repair for MySQL helps you retrieve and restore databases that have become lost or inaccessible. It can find and repair primary keys, tables, triggers, views, and more. Importantly, when repairing, Stellar Repair does not delete or modify any component of the original database.

Stellar Repair is flexible and can be used on Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows Server 2003, 2008, and 2010. The software is also compatible with Linux distributions, including Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04, and 19.10, CentOS 7, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It runs on databases from MySQL 8.0.33 and older, as well as MariaDB 11.0.1 and older.

Stellar Repair for MySQL Pricing

There are two versions of Stellar Repair for MySQL – Technician and Toolkit. Both tiers of the product are for a 1-year license:








With the Technician tier, you get the core database repair capabilities, including InnoDB, MyISAM tables, MariaDB databases, MySQL unique keys, relations, tables and primary keys. This version supports CSV, SQL Script, HTML, and XLS formats when saving the database. Toolkit offers these same abilities along with extra features such as data analysis of Redo Log, Binary Log and General Log, automatic DB recreation, save log tables, and to interconvert across database services.

Stellar Repair for MySQL Core Features

Stellar Repair for MySQL is a fully featured recovery and repair tool for databases, with the following features:

  • Fix MySQL or MariaDB databases and recover all elements in original format
  • Fix InnoDB and MyISAM tables and restore their properties, constraints, and keys
  • Fix MySQL database created on Linux by copying it to a Windows PC
  • Resolve various MySQL corruption errors and access the data in the fixed database
  • Save fixed data as SQL Script for exporting to SQL Server
  • Fix multiple MySQL databases in one batch operation to save time and avoid errors
  • Preview fixed database objects in a tree-like structure and select what to recover
  • Search for specific objects in the scanned items and recover them selectively
  • Save fixed database in other formats such as CSV, HTML, and XLS for viewing without MySQL or MariaDB

How to Use Stellar Repair for MySQL on a Database

Using Stellar Repair for MySQL is a fairly painless experience thanks to an intuitive UI. Below I will show you how to repair a corrupt MySQL database using the software:

1. Install and launch the Stellar Repair for MySQL software.

Visit the Stellar Repair for MySQL website by clicking here. Select the “Free Download” option to start the installation process. You can also opt to purchase the software before installing or buy a license key from within the program once it is installed. Run the .exe file to install the app by following the installation wizard:Selecting Setup wizard by downloading software

2. In the ‘Select Data Folder’ dialog box that opens, click ‘Browse.’

Once the Stellar Repair for MySQL program is installed, open it. The app displays a dialog box that allows you to choose the folder you want to check/repair. Click browse to locate the data folder on your local storage:Selecting Data folder file to Browse the file

3. In the ‘Browse for Folder’ dialog box, select the data folder that contains the MySQL or MariaDB database file you want to repair.

Stellar Repair now opens the folders in your PC, allowing you to select the data folder that you want to work with. The software will only allow you to select compatible data files:Selecting file that needs to be repaired from software

4. Click ‘Repair’ to start repairing the selected MySQL or MariaDB database.

The program will now populate a list of items within the database. You can check/uncheck individual components that you do or do not want to repair. Once you have selected the components you want, click Repair:Selecting files and click on repair option in software interface

5. A ‘Repair Complete’ message box appears on completion of the repair process. Clicking ‘OK’ opens a preview window with all the data that can be restored.

Stellar Repair for MySQL runs through an automatic process where it repairs the database elements you have chosen. You can choose to stop the process by selecting the red “X” button on the top-left toolbar. Once the repair process is complete, a dialogue process will open. Click “OK” to start saving the DB:Saving the repaired database successful and clicking on ‘ok’

6. Use the ‘Save’ option on the File menu for saving the repaired database file.

The main window is now populated with the retrieved and repaired database items. You can manage these individually, open them, and check/uncheck to select individual components. When you’re ready, click the floppy disc icon in the top right to save the repaired DB:Saving the databases that has been repaired with total records

7. In the ‘Save Database’ dialog box, choose to save the file in MySQL, MariaDB, SQL Script, CSV, HTML, or XLS file format and then click “Save”:

Saving the database and connecting to server


Stellar Repair for MySQL is an effective tool that can help you recover and restore your corrupted or inaccessible MySQL or MariaDB databases. You can fix various types of database corruption errors and recover all the database objects in their original format. The tool also allows you to save the fixed data in different formats and export it to other database services. It supports both Windows and Linux platforms and works with different versions of MySQL and MariaDB. You can try the free trial version of the tool to see how it works or buy the paid version that suits your needs and budget. 

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