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Microsoft Delays Launch of IoT Security Offer for Microsoft 365

Microsoft Defender for IoT – EIoT Device License has been delayed until next month as Microsoft cites "unexpected system challenges".


has announced an unexpected delay in the debut of its latest Internet of Things (IoT) security service, which was originally slated for an October 2023 release. This comes after minor system setbacks that have led the company to postpone its anticipated Microsoft Defender for IoT – Enterprise IOT Protection service until November 1, 2023.

Postponement Due to “Unexpected System Challenges”

As a part of its E5 license in the renowned suite, Microsoft had planned to introduce a new offering: the “ for IoT – enterprise internet of things Device License – add-on.” or Microsoft Defender for IoT – EIoT Device License. The unveiling, however, as noted in a message sent to Microsoft partners, faces delay due to some unforeseen system hurdles. Nonetheless, even with the product currently being purchasable (as stated in Microsoft's price list), Microsoft has advised partners against purchasing or selling the new offering until the revised launch date.

A Not-so-usual Delay

Interestingly, Microsoft is not averse to accepting payments for the new feature, as made evident in the advisory note to partners. Customers interested in securing the Microsoft 365 E5 and E5 Security Service bundles before the launch date in November 2023 can proceed, and Microsoft will subsequently integrate the Microsoft Defender for IoT – EIoT Device License into their SKUs by the end of November.

Product Implications & Looking Ahead

Microsoft 365 E5 license offers a variety of tools with advanced security features and Microsoft Defender for IoT aims to manage IoT devices with the same level of security and control applied to PCs and servers. Despite the short delay, Microsoft's offer promises to enhance alerting and vulnerability detection services, strengthening its overall IoT security.

The company has not revealed the specifics regarding the unexpected system challenges leading to this delay, leaving users and fans alike in a state of anticipation. Nonetheless, Microsoft remains optimistic, reinforcing their commitment towards continuous improvement and security in the world of Internet of Things.

Microsoft Defender for IoT was launched in July 2022, bringing the company's security suite to Internet-of-Things devices. It provides a complete monitoring system for the Internet of Things devices, specifically those on enterprise networks. It focuses on business devices such as operational technology (OP), Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), and printers.

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