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RewindAI Launches AI Wearable That Transcribes Everything You Say

The device then encrypts and stores the transcriptions entirely on the user's phone.


RewindAI has unveiled its latest product, the Rewind Pendant, a wearable device designed to capture and transcribe real-world conversations. The device then encrypts and stores the transcriptions entirely on the user's phone. Emphasizing a privacy-first approach, the company ensures that no one is recorded without their consent. The Pendant aims to make Rewind a personalized AI system, powered by everything the user has seen, said, or heard.

Features and Use Cases

The Rewind Pendant is designed with a variety of applications in mind. Users can bookmark moments for later recall, generate automatic to-do lists based on verbal commitments, capture spontaneous ideas when walking or driving, analyze voice patterns to determine mood or identify frequently used filler words, and even record memorable quotes from young children to reminisce in the future. Prioritizing user privacy, the device ensures all recordings are stored locally on the user's phone. While there's no need for cloud storage, an optional encrypted end-to-end sync with other devices is also available.

The launch of the Rewind Pendant has caused controversy, with some feeling that such a permanent recording device could be abused by others for . Elon Musk´s ex-partner Grimes pointed out how this could be very problematic for people in abusive relationships or kids that might get tracked extensively by their parents.

Preorder Details and Company Insights

Currently available for preorder at $59, the Rewind Pendant's development stage is in its early phases. The company has stated that the volume of preorders will influence the project's direction. Those who preorder can request a full refund at any time. As of October 2023, RewindAI reported having over $25M in cash reserves, ensuring the company's stability for the foreseeable future.

Rewind: A Personal Search Engine for Life

In addition to the pendant, RewindAI announced the launch of  the Rewind macOS app described as “the search engine for your life.” This application enables users to retrieve anything they've seen, heard, or spoken. Built with user privacy in mind, all recordings are stored locally on the user's Mac, ensuring only the user has access. The app also boasts impressive compression capabilities, reducing raw recording data significantly without a major loss in quality.

Inspiration and Vision

The concept of Rewind was inspired by the founder's personal journey with hearing loss and the transformative experience of using hearing aids. This led to a broader exploration of how technology could augment human capabilities, especially memory. RewindAI's overarching vision is to provide humans with a tool for perfect memory recall.

Funding and Future Endeavors

On the financial front, RewindAI secured a successful funding round, amassing $10 million at a valuation of $75 million. This investment round saw participation from notable firms, with Andreessen Horowitz taking the lead. The funds are expected to bolster the company's pursuit of its ambitious vision and further product development.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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