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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Reveals $100 Billion Bing Investment in Google Antitrust Showdown

Nadella consistently pointed to Google's alleged anti-competitive practices as a significant barrier to Bing's growth.


In a series of testimonies during the U.S. Department of Justice’s antitrust trial against Google, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella took center stage, shedding light on the tech giant’s struggles and ambitions in the fiercely competitive search engine market.

Bing’s Billion-Dollar Bet

Nadella unveiled that Microsoft has poured a staggering $100 billion into Bing, its proprietary search engine. Despite being overshadowed by Google in terms of market share, Microsoft’s commitment to the search domain remains unwavering. “I see search or internet search as the largest software category out there,” Nadella remarked, emphasizing the company’s determination to make significant contributions to this domain.

The Apple-Google-Microsoft Triangle

A significant portion of the trial’s discourse revolved around the coveted position of being the default search provider on Apple devices. Nadella candidly admitted Microsoft’s unsuccessful attempts to dethrone Google from this position, even after offering Apple more favorable terms. He speculated that Apple might have used Microsoft’s interest as leverage to extract higher bids from Google. This strategic alliance between Apple and Google, Nadella argued, is pivotal for gathering data, improving search services, and attracting advertisers.

The role of artificial intelligence (AI) in shaping the future of search was another focal point. Nadella highlighted Microsoft’s partnership with OpenAI and expressed concerns about the potential monopolization of data by Google. He emphasized that exclusive data use agreements could stifle competition and innovation in the AI-driven search market.

Challenging Google’s Dominance

Throughout the trial, Nadella consistently pointed to Google’s alleged anti-competitive practices as a significant barrier to Bing’s growth. He underscored the challenges users face when attempting to switch default search engines on mobile devices, suggesting that Google’s dominance extends beyond just market share. In a pointed remark, Nadella questioned Google’s hefty payments to Apple, hinting at the tech giant’s potential fear of competition. However, Google’s defense pivoted around the quality of its product and its investment strategies. John Schmidtlein, Google’s lead counsel, argued that Bing’s current status was more a result of Microsoft’s missteps than Google’s alleged monopolistic behavior.

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