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Bing Image Creator: Microsoft Taps More GPU Power to Stem Overwhelming Demand

Due to overwhelming demand, users experience a waiting time for up to several hours until their image request is processed.


has recently rolled out a notable upgrade to its Bing Image Creator, integrating 's DALL-E 3 model into the AI-based art maker. However, the integration of the model has reportedly led to a significant increase in user interest, putting a strain on the system's performance. 

Increased Access Leads to Service Slowdown

X (formerly Twitter) user, @dmitryforleader reports having waited over two hours for a single image to be generated.

Similar experiences have been recounted by other users, complaining about similar lengthy generation times for the AI-created artwork.

Microsoft Scrambles to Boost Servers' Capabilities

Aware of the issue and its unfavorable implications, Microsoft addressed the concern promptly. The company's new Head of Windows and Web Services team, Mikhail Parakhin, acknowledged the overwhelming user influx in a post on X. Parakhin admitted that even though they expected a hike in user interest following the DALL-E 3 integration, they did not anticipate the sudden spike in demand.

In response to this unforeseen challenge, Microsoft plans to integrate additional GPUs into the system. Parakhin says that a significant acquisition, measured in thousands of Nvidia H100 GPU-equivalents, is anticipated.

Markus Kasanmascheff
Markus Kasanmascheff
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