Bing Chat Search Data Finally Comes to Bing Webmaster Tools – and Doesn´t

The revamped Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report now amalgamates metrics from Bing web search and Bing Chat,

has unveiled an update to its Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report. This enhancement aims to provide website proprietors and SEO experts with a more comprehensive understanding of their site's performance on Bing, encompassing both search engine and metrics for Bing Chat.

Unified Dashboard for Web and Chat Metrics

The revamped Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report now amalgamates metrics from web search and chat, presenting them on a singular dashboard. This integration offers users a holistic view of their website's clicks, impressions, and engagement on Bing. Notably, the report delineates essential figures such as click-through rates for web pages and chat responses, the number of pages indexed, URLs crawled, and performance metrics in specific categories like images, videos, and news.

However, as Microsoft is showing combined results for and Bing Web searches, this basically means that it is not showing the data as promised. Microsoft had previously indicated that Bing Chat data would be integrated into Bing Webmaster Tools by May 2023. It is also worth noting that any other traffic data from AI-based results continues to be missing.

API Updates and Future Prospects

Accompanying the updated Performance Report are modifications to the Search Performance API. This API now encompasses all traffic types, not just web-based traffic. It facilitates the integration of performance data into other software, streamlining analysis workflows and eliminating the need for manual data exports. The Bing team has also hinted at an impending update that will enable data access by specific areas, mirroring the website's functionality. This promises enhanced segmentation and custom reporting capabilities, as well as the potential to correlate Bing search data with other data sources.